Monday, July 26, 2004

The Mouth that Bored

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Can somebody please flip Al Gore over and play the other side for a change?

Tonight he has ,predictably I might add- (Thanks Brian), spouted out the same tired memes that he has been spouting since he lost the 2000 election. Only he, of course, had to take the edge off of his vitriol so that America would not be subjected to another grandiose display of left-wing vapidity.

After asking if Pro-Bush voters had gotten what they expected out of President Bush (at least he seems to have come to terms with the fact that George W. Bush is President), He posed the question,

"For that matter, are the (Bush's-me) economic policies really conservative at all? Did you expect, for example, the largest deficits in history? And the loss of a million jobs?"

What would Gore care if Bush's economic policies aren't conservative? That's like Michael Moore complaining that his twinkies aren't fat free.

The mere fact that Gore is stomping around in an apoplectic rage ranting about Bush's policies points to their being rather conservative in nature, no?

I frankly didn't expect the largest deficit in history, no. But since we don't actually have the largest deficit in history, that point is rendered moot. As for the loss of a million jobs, perhaps Mr. Gore could elaborate more fully on that since it was under his watch that it started....and is on the upswing now.

Pray tell Mr. Gore, what exactly did President Bush do to lose a million jobs in under three years?

Another question the former VP asked was simply mind boggling,

"Regardless of your opinion at the beginning of the war, isn't it now obvious that the way the war has been managed by the administration has gotten us into very serious trouble?"

Well, err, ye-es.

If you mean that the fact that we haven't suffered any terrorist attacks on American soil since we took the war home to the bad guys is a sign that we are in very serious trouble then, yes, it is obvious. If instead, you mean that France and Germany don't act like they like us anymore, then, no, I fail to see how that translates into serious trouble for us. I would have thought that exposing the weakest links in the chain was a good thing.

Perhaps if we had as many terrorist attacks on American interests as we had during the Clinton administration, we would be in less serious trouble?

If this maroon represents the Democratic party, I'll take vanilla.