Tuesday, July 27, 2004

A Very Big Thanks

A very wise person, I believe that it was George Bailey's guardian angel, Clarence, once said (every Christmas season) that a person is truly rich who has friends.

Well, I now have reason to consider myself the richest man in town. We still love ya George Bailey!

I am a veritable babe in the blog woods and would undoubtedly be lost if it were not for those people who comprise my wealth.

So, without further ado, I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to all of you who have offered and given me help, who have read my humble screeds and left comments and also to those who have simply stopped by and invested a few moments of your life in my blog.

The HumbleDevilDog, Denita TwoDragons, Steve, Pupehed, ElephantMan, Mikenchi, Muck4doo and the rest....You guys are the cat's pyjama's.

I especially thank Mr Minority for taking the time to explain in detail the more technical administrative aspects to an uneducated Gravel Agitator.
Remember, anything I can do to return your gracious help and friendship, this is for you all, just name it. If I can possibly do anything for my friends, I won't hesitate.

And to borrow a page from that worthy fellow, The Humble DevilDog, If you have any suggestions for topics that might be interesting, don't be shy....fire way. And don't worry about being OT, I rather enjoy the way a thread takes on a life of it's own. It's interesting to see what people really think and thats why the comments section is there.

Again thank you, each and every one of you...and if I forgot to mention somebody, give me hell about it. I remember more easily after a good butt-kicking.

The RedFalcon