Thursday, August 12, 2004

The Bloggers They Said Were never There

The liberals like to think that the only conservative is a white conservative, that Americans of any other skin color are single-mindedly liberal in outlook because conservatives will not take care of them. They refer to Blacks, Hispanics and other non-whites in the conservative ranks as abberations; they deride them with such endearing monikers as house slaves, uncle toms and sellouts-the implication being, ironically, that if they had any self-respect, they would be in solid lockstep with their own people; that their status as members of their own race is somehow connected with their willingness to have their ideals swallowed up by group-think mentality.

What liberals don't seem to ever be able to grasp is the fact that color is only skin deep, underneath the pigmentation is a person as individual and unique as a flake of snow. Why is it that Democrats can't ever get it out of their heads that people don't belong to minority groups as if they were schools of fish that all dart one way or the other? There is only one race, the Human Race. There are no hyphenated Americans. To imply so is truly biggoted. To stand on a podium and denounce a person because he or she thinks differently than others of their ethnicity or race is the height of racism, and the liberals excel at it.

For a liberal to suggest that a Black or a Hispanic would rather depend on a nanny-state, where they can get a leg up implies that somehow the color of their skin makes them less able to take care of themselves than whites. THAT is the height of arrogance. The Democrats were making the same sweeping assumptions in the 1860's and they were still making them in the 1960's. the only difference was that the left has polished up it's act. Instead of ropes and firehoses, they now push for diversity and government hand-outs. The motive is the same though, minorities need special treatment, their color makes them less capable than whites.

Thank God for the blogosphere. Here on the internet, conservatives have a voice denied them in most mediums.

A number of conservative bloggers are even from minorities. In the blogosphere, these voices cannot be nullified by liberal negativity. The libs say they don't exist, but they do. They have something to say and they shatter the stereotype that the left has so carefully cultivated over the years.

You can read a great article about them here