Friday, August 13, 2004

Bus Driver Prevents Marine From Boarding

MamaMontezz has just advised me of this little bit of flummery having to do with Greyhound. .

You can see her take on it here.

How long is this kind of garbage going to happen?

Marine buys bus ticket. Marine waits for bus. Bus driver decides that Marine will not be taking the ride that he payed for. Greyhound investigates???

WTF over?

I don't want an investigation.....I want this asshole given a hotfoot with a 5 second burst of napalm from a flamethrower! PDQ!

The only...and I mean ONLY reason this middle-aged flowerchild is still walking, as opposed to having been field stripped like an M16A2 is because the young Marine was disciplined enough to not shame his service and his country while in uniform. This hippy knew that, that's why he was brave enough to do it.

That asshelmet better pray he never comes across a former serviceman, because the only thing they'll be representing is that Marine.

You better live life to the fullest, Mister Greyhound bus driver. Smoke all the dope, attend all of the NAMBLA meetings and burn all of the flags that you can stand. Because one of these days, you're gonna bump into one of us, and we'll remember you.

If a certain head does not roll over this incident, I will never use Greyhound buses again. I would encourage others not to as well. It is one thing to believe that the war is wrong, it is another to deny paying customers the services that they payed for simply because they are in a uniform.