Thursday, August 19, 2004

Come With Me To Zee Casbaaaaaaaah

Wizbang has an interesting post about an interesting woman, Lee Whitnum.

Lee Whitnum claims to have secretly dated John Kerry for almost two years in the early nineties (it would seem that only President Nixon and a mysterious CIA spook knew about it....what? Nixon wasn't President at the time?) and says that Kerry cooked seafood dinners for her and spoke French during their more amorous moments. Now THAT is seared into MY brain!

According to the New York Daily News, she has just recently finished a book, titled The Hedge Fund Mistress, under the pen name Lee Roystone, which includes a Kerryesque character who is seeking the Presidency. She expresses concerns that evil right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh might use it to hurt Kerry's chances to they need her book. Kerry is practically self-defeating. Anyway, considering her concerns about Limbaugh et al. twisting her novel around, the logical thing was to come right out and tell the media all about the book. Conservatives will never hear about it that way.

She has spent $15,000 of her own money to publish this little gem. I guess it was so well written that the large publishing houses were paralyzed with ecstacy after reading it and couldn't publish it themslves.

In the NYDN story, Whitnum's website, has a few snapshots of her and Kerry together (probably not pics of him parlez vous-ing her), and lot's of high praise for Senator Kerry and his current meal-ticket, Teresa. The website also urges visitors to vote the Kerry ticket, by the way. Does this sound like the typical ex-girlfriend?

I have tried to visit the website but it has been disabled.

I have to admit that I feel a tad suspicious about the timing and the motivation surrounding all of this. Why would any intelligent woman build an internet shrine to a man that left her and married a much older and wealthier woman? Could it be that this is just the opening of another desperate Kerry-is-so-wonderful barrage in the liberal offensive against President Bush?

But I must give Kerry credit where credit is due. Most guys who feel compelled to invent a girlfriend have to say that she is in Canada or somewhere to explain the lack of girl. Kerry has the money to actually find a girl to play the part.