Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Eternal Gratitude

SlagleRock, MamaMontezz, Denita TwoDragons, Mr Minority, et alii are onto a grand idea, writing open letters of appreciation to our gallant troops who are across the sea, kicking islamonazi butts for you and me.

The motivation behind this idea is the fact that the news media has a tendency to zzzzzz out any good news pertaining to our war on terror, particularly when it comes to support for our troops and the war effort.

This letter campaign is one way of circumventing the media and going straight to our GI's, letting them know that they have the moral backing of the vast majority of Americans. And for you history impaired types out there, America's moral backing is a virtual sunami when concentrated and aimed at the coastal fishing village that is the Blame-America-First far left.

So get to writing. Let GI Joe and GI Josephine know that whack- jobs like Michael Moore, Ted Rall and all of their America hating ilk aren't even making a dent with their treachery and deiceit. Let those servicemen know that we see them as the heroes that they really are.

  • SlagleRock

  • or
  • Who Tends the Fires
  • or
  • Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room
  • of the fruits of your labors. They will ensure that those words of support get to the right places, the hands of American servicemen.

    Don't drop the ball on this one folks. They are worth supporting and it's the very least we can do.