Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm Back

I had a great time up north. Uncle Bob and Aunt sue were, as always, most hospitible and the food was as excellent as the atmosphere.

As soon as we arrived we were whisked off to West Branch for pizza. Every place you go, some long head is going to say that they know where the greatest pizza on Earth is. And they may even be correct in that, yes, the pizza they speak of may be very good indeed, but I have very definitely met the world's greatest pizza....and it was good. Mr. Mike's Pizza used to be in Tawas, but to my Uncle Bob's consternation, they picked up and moved to West Branch. My Uncle Bob now has to drive about 15 miles to eat pizza, which has put a serious cramp in his pizza consumption per annum.

After partaking of the triple-topped disk of ambrosia which is Mr. Mike's, we retired to the rustic tranquility of Uncle Bob's villa where we gleefully watched the Tigers beat the RedSox. Then off to bed for a little sleep before beginning our weekend. Saturday consisted of a very nice barbeque with Aunt Sue's relations, followed by the not so gleeful spectacle of witnessing the Tigers get stomped in game two of their series with the Sox...GRRRRR.

Sunday was busy as I awoke in time to catch Fox and friends Sunday edition. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my Aunt and Uncle both hold rather conservative views on the war and neither like Kerry.....did I mention that they are my favorite relatives? A big breakfast greeted me as I went upstairs. Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, toast and coffee. Plenty of coffee.

After a shower (and sending the wife all over Tawas looking for Vaseline Hair Tonic because I left mine at home), we packed and said adieu to our gracious host's. Our next stop was downtown, at the docks. My son was genuinely enjoying himself as we walked out and looked at all of the boats, great and small. He was not happy with the fact that daddy would not let him actually get on the boats. Oh well....we saw a lot of perch and blue gills. And ducks and seagulls. LOTS OF SEAGULLS. HH6 and the manchild then proceeded to bathe in the soothing waters of Tawas bay as I sat and watched the bikini-clad gir--err--I mean I sat and watched them. Nervously smoking one Lucky Strike after another.

A quick stop at a shop along U.S. 23 to buy a war bonnet and wooden tomahawk from the natives (pun definitely intended!) for Ronnie and then we were off for home. I had wanted to stop in Saginaw to visit my GrandParents but a couple of miles before their exit ramp came up...we had people in other cars waving at us, trying to get us to pull over. My brake lights were not functioning. And all this time we were in bumper to bumper, stop and go traffic for the better part of one hundred and fifty miles! I got out and checked the fuses, but couldn't figure out what was wrong with the brake lights. So driving through Saginaw was strictly verboten. We just drove and prayed all the way home. But we did get home, and without incident...Thank God.