Monday, August 23, 2004

Kerry Can't Best SwiftVets

Why is it that when over 200 Swiftboat veterans who knew Senator Kerry say he embellished his record, they are accused of lying or are simply dismissed out-of-hand by the left because they were not right there in his boat; yet they will take the word of a biased newshound......who was not in his boat?

If we were to adhere strictly to the the guidelines as applied by the liberal media in determining who can and can not be believed in regard to Kerry's conduct, Then William Rood of the Chicago Tribune is one of the last people in the world to be believed. He was not on Kerry's boat either. (Thank you anonymous asshat for bringing these irrefutable "facts" to my attention-mheh!)

Which brings us to the question of who are we going to trust, One vet who was not in the boat or well over two hundred who were not in the boat?

Oh yeah...then there is Tom Bellodeau, who actually was on Kerry's crew.

Maybe it's time for Kerry to claim another PurpleHeart for the ass-kicking he's taking over his thirty year-old lies and move on to something a little more his senatorial record.
But he wouldn't dare bring that debacle up.