Saturday, August 21, 2004

Kerry Tries To Kill Ad Like It Was A Wounded Teen In A Loincloth

Guy S. of Snugg Harbor , and DGCI , have some good things to say about Swift Boat Veterans For Truth, and their advertisements exposing Kerry's subterfuge. They also point out that the Kerry camp is pulling out all the stops to make sure that these ads are never seen by the public at large.

God forbid that there be two ads and one single book available that expose Kerry as a piece of treacherous slime with good hair., Michael Moore, legions of has-been rockers and a pantheon of former WhiteHouse insiders, not to mention media stalwarts like the New York Times and the Washington Post are allowed to spread their twisted messages with impunity while Kerry's legal leaches strongarm and bully television stations to keep them from airing two commercials; and threaten bookstores to prevent their carrying a book.

And the Left refers to President Bush as a nazi?

The only thing more telling than Kerry's tactics is the Media's ready compliance with his demands. If President Bush had actively tried to prevent F911 from showing in theatres, if he had threatened BORDER's or BARNES AND NOBLE if they sold any of the myriad volumes recently published that slurred his character, he would have been burned in effigy. The mainstream media talking heads wouldn't leave the studios long enough to eat or bathe because they would be so busy crucifying the President.

Yet nary a peep about the Mob tactics practiced by the Kerry campaign.

At least, not a peep from the unbiased media. The blogosphere, on the other hand is saturated with people who pay attention, Men and Women who do everything they can to get the real word out. They run the spectrum from the real pro's who can break every sentence down and analyze every comma and period with expert attention, to hamfisted hacks, like myself, who can only pass the word along hoping somebody comes to read it.

Do not let such a miserable, dishonorable man such as Kerry become President. If he can rip freedom of speech away from the SwiftVets now, what will he do if he attains office?