Friday, August 20, 2004

The New Festung Europa

Victor Davis Hanson offers greetings to a tardy Europe's re-entering history in this great article on today's NRO.

Aside from pointing out the obvious facts that, with an American military pullout, old European rivalries may come to a head, especially with regard to Germany's aenemic economy, Hanson points out one glaring fact. The unilateralist Americans and Britons are the only incredibly, freakishly, powerful nations in the history of the world to ever seek the advice of smaller, weaker nations before making a move. Be it political or military.

I personally don't give a rat's caboose what France or Germany think of the United States. We get business done just the same either way and their belief that they actually affect us in any way is just plain silly.

But America as a whole, DOES care what other countries think. We are not a country that likes to throw our weight around and that is what separates us from our European forebears.

Just wait and see. There will be another war involving Europe and the belligerants will not wait and get permission from their neighbors or "Old Allies" before taking up arms. We will get a grandstand view of what unilateralism is all about when Germany decides that the Polish border needs to readjust itself Eastward just a tad or when Turkey decides that a certain Mediteranean island needs to come strictly under their influence.

The UN will be as ineffectual as ever....if Germany ever retook the Alsace they could just grease the right French palms and France would put up a block to any UN countermeasures.

I pity our allies on the Continent. Italy and Denmark, et al., the next few decades are going to be a bumpy ride.