Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Open Letter to Our Troops

Dear Service Men and Service Women,

I would just like to try and let you know what your service means to my wife and I.

To us, my wife and myself, the fact that there are brave men and women like yourselves, risking your lives in a country where you may not always understand the people or their culture, knowing that Death may come to you with the next person who passes you by on the street or walks up to your vehicle or passes through your check point, means that our little boy will not have to deal with those threats when he becomes a young man.

Every terrorist that you stop is one less terrorist that will try and hurt our son. Every sleepless night you spend on Guard or on patrol is one more peaceful night of sleep for our little boy. Every night that you can't come home to your child means that our son will someday be able to come home to his children every night. Every Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas Morning that you spend far from loved ones means that our son will be able to enjoy all of his in the peace of his own home. And every terrible sight that you must witness in a war zone is a thing that our little boy will never have to see.

We support and love every one of you because you have chosen to serve. You are HEROES, each and every one of you, because when your country was attacked and was reeling back, you stepped forward. You are doing a job that will be taught in our children's history books because you are doing an amazing job that is adding another page to the annals of our country's great martial history.

Mostly, we support you because war is a horrible thing, and you volunteered to fight that war so that our son, all of America's children, will not have to know the bloody face of war.

Thank you so very much, God bless you and bring you home safely.

Todd M. Monroe
U.S.Army and Army Reserve, 1989-1997.