Tuesday, August 31, 2004

A Regular Guy

I was over at the BonFire today (a great read BTW), and a pic of Kerry was posted. Kerry was windsurfing in this particular photo. I started to reflect on the photos I have seen of Kerry eating Philly cheesesteak (with obvious unease), Kerry skiing, Kerry shooting scurrying things, and now Kerry windsurfing. Somebody is going through a lot of trouble to convince us that Kerry is just a regular guy.

I find this ironic because for at least a decade the left has been telling us that being a regular guy is unacceptable. A regular guy likes contact sports, powerful cars and trucks, and pretty girls. A regular guy likes to hunt and fish, he's patriotic and has a reverance for some form of deity that he calls God. What is more, a regular guy is not ashamed of these things. The left in this country has been busy trying to make the regular guy into something reprehensible; something to be loathed.

To me, a regular guy is someone who says what they mean and means what they say. He isn't a bully, but doesn't suffer one either. A regular guy certainly doesn't ask permission before he rights a wrong or answers a slight.

In short, a regular guy in America has what the rest of the world calls a "Cowboy Mentality". The rest of the world secretly admires this trait, but we are supposed to be ashamed of it.

Now we have John Kerry using every photo-op as a chance to prove that he is what we are supposed to revile President Bush for being.....a regular guy.