Friday, August 06, 2004

See You In A Few Days

Well, wish me good luck. My wife's well deserved vacation starts today and we are leaving for the weekend. For the next few days we will be living in the lap of luxury in sunny and exotic East Tawas, Michigan, on the coast of Lake Huron, one of our famous inland seas.

I practically grew up there as almost every summer of my childhood was spent there. We called it "Going up North." Indeed I still refer to it as such when I am not thinking about it.

East Tawas is without a doubt my favorite place on Earth. Sicily DZ at Ft. Bragg running a close second. Heck, I even spent my little Honeymoon up there.

It's difficult for me to get around these days, and I don't go up there quite as often as I would like (two herniated lumbars and the resulting sciatica make sitting in a car for even short lengths of time a bit unpleasant, much less two hours), but I want my son to grow up with the same memories of the small town, the beaches, the deep, dark woods, and especially my Uncle Bob that I grew up with.

So Ronnie will be regaled this weekend, as I was so long ago, by tales of the Michigan Wood Boogie, as only Uncle Bob can tell it, by the flickering light of a bonfire. He will then peer carefully around him at the dark forest before indulging in a charred marshmallow on a stick.....Heavenly!

Oh yeah....Did I mention the Coney Dogs at the A&W in standish? The indulgence in said ambrosia is a favorite part, nay, a ceremony, a ritual in the pilgrimage to Tawas. I haven't Eaten yet in anticipation.

Anyhoo....I should get going and get the trip over with as soon as possible so we can beat rush hour traffic through Saginaw......see ya in a few days and God Bless.

I think I'll take my new acquisition up there to show Uncle Bob, I doubt he's ever seen a 12 GA. shotgun with a bayonet on it before, LOL.