Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Some Old Friends

I have added a few links to my sidebar.

Paratrooper.Net or simply P-Net, is a message board/news group thing that I used to go to every day...I've been slacking, I know. But I am making amends for it.

U.S. Paratroopers is of a similar vein, with a lot of the old friends I made at P-Net, but with the addition of chat and fantasy football.

These are magnificent sites that were formed to give the Airborne brotherhood a place to kick back and relax, keep up with current events , stay informed on topics that are near and dear to us....or,if need be, just vent and fume.

These people are some real Been there, Done thats. They are informed, opinionated and don't hesitate to tell it like it is.

You don't have to be Airborne to join in the forums, you don't even have to have ever worn a uniform. All you need is the desire to communicate with a great, straight-forward bunch of 'Dupers. But be advised...the fall-outs and the stupid are eaten alive at these two sites.

Make sure you read the Forum Rules CAREFULLY before posting, but DO go and post, it'll be worth your while.