Monday, August 09, 2004

The Vipers At Our Bosom

How many of you gentle readers have ever heard of an American fellow named Siraj Wahaj?

He seems to be very highly regarded in some Islamic-American circles. In fact, he seems so highly esteemed that he was accorded the honor of being the first muslim to deliver the daily prayer in the United States House of Representatives. He recited some verses from the koran, then beseeched the creator to bestow righteousness and wisdom on our law-makers. All very cozy and in keeping with our desperate need to see American muslims as more patriotic and benign than their middle-eastern brethren.

But there is a side to Siraj Wahaj which seems very different than the version of the man who lavished such platitudes in our nation's capital. In New Jersey, before a throng of muslim Americans, Wahaj said "If we were united and strong, we'd elect our own emir [leader] and give allegiance to him. . . . [T]ake my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us."

You see, we are engaged in a great deception. A self-imposed deception. We tell ourselves that we are in a war against terrorism. Fighting a war against terrorism makes about as much sense as fighting a war against speedreading or kung-fu. Terrorism is a method, not THE enemy ipso facto. Political Correctness dictates that we may no longer refer to a spade as a spade or a traitor as a traitor. Where it is not politically correct to make war on the people who propogate anti-American activity, it is politic to make war on the act...after it happens. Despite what you hear, Islam is at war with America, indeed at war with the whole world.

Shamim A. Siddiqi wrote a rather obscure opus entitled Methodology of Dawah Ilallah in American perspective. In this volume he has laid out a plan for take-over of the United States by militant Islamists and establishment of iqamat ad-din or Islamic rule. The ultimate objective is the overturning of the secular constitution in favor of sharia, Islamic law and the forced conversion of all Americans to Islam ala Iran.

The changes are incremental and, at first blush, quite innocent. Public support for Islamic prayer in schools and other tax-payer funded forums. Christians can't do it. Muslims can, for the sake of embracing diversity. Next they want the call to prayer announced over PA systems five times a day. Don't laugh, it's already happening near Detroit.

let's see.......

America as it is now:
1.) Freedom of religion. Anyone can practice any religion that they desire to practice in America, they can even make up their own if they so desire.
2.) Freedom of speech. Spout off about anything that you want's a free country.
3.) Equality of the sexes. women can do anything that a man is loath to allow her to do...just kidding. Women can wear or do or say anything that they wish to...even, regretably Teresa Heinz Kerry. get the idea. Now let's try this on for size......

America as an Islamist state:
1.) Be a Muslim....or else! And don't you atheists start thinking that your enlightened thinking is gonna save you. You can't shout out into the night for help from a God that you never believed in when they come and drag you to your televised stoning.
2.) Righteous Speak. Forget about political correctness, that way of talking will still get your tongue ripped out. The new improved version of thought control is righteous speak, Allah the merciful and benevolent be praised.
3.) You are Woman, hear you roar??? Not likely sister. You are now worth exactly one half of a man. Get used to staying home....a lot. And if you feel the sudden need to show a little hair while out buying goats and vegetables at the bazaar, don't be surprised if policemen start beating you senseless with sticks and shoes. In the sixties you might have thought it was cute to burn your bras. you might as well burn all of your clothes....that bikini too. Your bare skin will never see sunlight again. Submission is the watchword for now on ladies, lest your husband beat the loving crap out of you when you voice your opposition to his adding wives 2, 3 and 4 to the nest, along with as many concubines as he can capture after the requisite slaughter of the peoples of Canada and mexico.

Okay...I'm starting to get queesy just thinking about it now.

That is the face of the enemy, friends. You may or may not know it. But rest assured that they do.

Now go to the window, open it, and find out if your neighbors would care for a radical change in their lifestyles. You can ascertain this by simply taking a deep, invigorating breath, expanding your lungs, and with all the might of your diaphram, incanting....


Think they'll approve?