Thursday, August 26, 2004

Will The Real Democratic Candidate Please Stand Up

Peter Kirsonow has penned a mighty fine list of questions for Senetor Kerry. A list which unfortunately will never be asked by any interviewer since the media in general is practically wetting themselves with terror lest the voting public figures out that their prize thoroughbred is in reality a lame nag.

Or could it be that he's a stalking horse, and that the media will turn on Kerry at the last possible moment and indulge in a feeding-frenzy when Hillary is ready to step up to the plate as the DNC's shining star?

It has been bandied about the internet that Kerry is nothing more than an opening bid in a political horse trade and, to some extent, that theory makes some sense. If they offer a bozo like Kerry up front, maybe Hillary Clinton would be more palatable as a second choice in the pinch.

But then again, they didn't exactly drop Kerry out of a balloon either. He is one of the most liberal lawmakers in Washington. He has been in the politics game long enough to have covered both sides on every issue numerous times and has even covered sides that would require dimensions that physicists haven't theorized about. He has married more money than Ted Kennedy has swizzle-sticks, and has accumulated a war record in the finest traditions of science fiction. In other words, he's as authentic as Aunt Mabel's spare set of teeth; and just what the left adores in their leaders. He's slick and evasive and is fluent in DoubleSpeak.

The media has been soft-soaping Kerry from the beginning, which is evident because the guy is walking around with a big sign on his back which reads "Kick Me" and no scuff marks are showing. No self-respecting journalist would normally be able to resist such an inviting target. Yet not so much as a love tap has been directed at the Kerry camp by the mainstream. The man has a journalistic mark of Cain on him. And if the Left were really preparing for the second coming of the Clintons, I would think that Kerry would be getting a little dirty by now.

Maybe I'm all wet. Maybe I'm getting a little soft-headed in my old age, but I just can't see the Democrats wasting all of their energy and money pulling for a guy that they intend to drop before November. I especially don't see the donks alienating the veteran vote by smearing groups like the SwiftVets and Viet Nam Vets in general if they are not going to keep Kerry. This is a war time election and the Veteran vote is going to be big this year. The "Old Guard" is changing from the World War Two vets to Viet Nam Era vets. Are the donks going to get these guys mad at them if they are only going to throw Kerry over for somebody else?

I personally don't think so. Kerry is the guy. He's a poor choice but he's what the Democrats ordered.

Now if we could only get the guy to answer some questions.....