Tuesday, September 14, 2004

AP Apes CBS, Tries to BS The USA

In the latest example of deliberately misleading and biased journalism from the Mainstream Media, the Associated Press stands behind their phoney Navy SEAL .

Just like CBS's (and I stress the BS) MEMOGATE, in which the Network would sacrifice it's already dubious credibility for the home team, the DNC, rather than back away from obviously bogus documents and name the source; AP has created their own SEALGATE.

This is fantastic on a few different levels. This "SEAL" allegedly served 5, count them, 5 years in Viet Nam. The average tour of duty for a SEAL team in Viet Nam was 6 months. There were undoubtedly multiple tour SEALS during the war, but 5 years? That is 10 tours! Wouldn't that qualify someone for Greek Titan status? Why are no school children singing epic poems about him? Why have I not been offered some weird and allegedly collectable trinket featuring his Mars-like visage for a limited-time-only price of $19.95 from the Franklin Mint???

More importantly, why will he not divulge his real name?

This alleged SEAL has only given his Muslim name. When other Bloggers became suspicious and pointed him out to a wanna-be SEAL watchdog group, the investigators could not find a person of that name as having served with any SEAL teams at all, let alone serving 5 years with them in Viet Nam. AP responded to this revelation by stating that the man had changed his name after returning home from the service. Of course, neither they nor he will give a name that will help them substantiate their claims. The public is once again expected to believe them just because.

The primary question I am left asking is Who Cares what this guy has to say, even if he is legit? He doesn't speak to President Bush's service record in any authoritative capacity. He's simply being touted as a former military man who doesn't like the President....big deal. Following this line of logic and the procession of events produced by it, the New York Times will soon be carrying a front page story on how John Edwards channeled the spirit of General Patton.


So once again, the Mainstream Media has produced a Deus ex Machina which instead of discrediting the Bush campaign, simply falls flat on it's face and serves as another example of who the left is and why America is going to keep President Bush in office for Four more years.