Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Congressional Investigation Of CBS?

Rep. Christopher Cox, R-CA is asking Congress to investigate CBS for allegedly using documents that it knew were bogus to besmirch the President.

For my dough you can nix the allegedly altogether. Rather is so biased and weird that even the traitor Kronkite can't stand him. I hope they nail CBS to the wall, but they more than likey won't. Rather might be put out to pasture after this blows over, but I doubt that as well.

The Mainstream Media has gotten so powerful since the invention of the printing press that it is really not very realistic to expect them to be reigned in now that they make news instead of merely report it. Especially since about half of the population of this country faithfully tunes in nightly to the big 3 in order to have their opinion spoonfed to them.

Until more people wise up, I fear that Rather and his nightly news siblings are going to be allowed to report fiction as news with impunity.