Monday, September 20, 2004

Dan Rather Is A Poser

A special thanks to my friends at U.S.Paratroopers.Org for tipping me off to the fact that Dan Rather is a poser of the first magnitude.

It seems that a young Dan Rather, while attending college, sought deferment from the draft during the Korean War. Deferments being rather ineffectual as they were only good for one semester, Rather instead enlisted in the Army effective way of staying out of overseas deployments in the early fifties. After the 1953 cease fire, Rather left college and enlisted in the Marine Corps, but was discharged during training as medically unfit.

Being medically unfit is not disgraceful in and of itself. But passing yourself off as a Marine, which you are not until you complete the training that Rather failed to complete, for all of these years while simultaneously denigrating the reserve service of Vice-President Quayle and President Bush is confusing.

Why was it good enough for Mister Rather, but not others? At least his victims did not brag about things that they never did.

I guess that state side reserve service did not fit in with the person that Rather tries to sell himself as on the nightly news.

Shame on you Dan!