Monday, September 20, 2004

Decapitated American Body Found In Iraq

The body of American construction worker Eugene Armstrong was found today in Iraq. An islamic website promises the decapitation of another American and a Briton if female Iraqi prisoners are not released by the government.

The trouble is the fact that aside from a couple of high-ranking prisoners from the former Iraqi regime, there are no female prisoners being held.

This is just another weak excuse by the cowardly muslim murderers to do what they do best, kill the defenseless.

They are totally inept as soldiers, their best fighters get their asses consistently handed to them whenever they make an attempt at a stand-up battle (even the French could whip them in a stand up fight) so their only recourse is to wage war on women, children and unarmed truck drivers. If they weren't engaged in such bloody atrocities against school children and hog-tied adults, their lack of valor would be the laughing stock of the entire world.

I pray for the families of all of the hostages. I pray that the weight of their grief should be lightened. And most of all I pray that the administration hardens and adopts a scorched earth policy toward those neighborhoods that support these cowardly murdering terrorists.

Making their terror campaign too costly for their supporters is the only way to win.