Thursday, September 02, 2004

Forced Hiatus

If you should find posting slow here for the next few days, it is because my puter has been acting up lately and I have been compelled to have it serviced. This old machine has been making some pretty unusual beeps, whizzes and whirs lately and has been slower than usual. Sometimes it freezes up on me. Sometimes it doesn't start up at all.

One immediate result of this problem is that leaving comments on my favorite reads has been darned near impossible as comment boxes are so slow to come up. Some of my posts on this blog have decided not to co-operate as well.

So, my apologies in advance, Friends, for any inconvenience. Best case senario is a new post before the weekend. Worst case would be that I take leave of my senses and take this old machine out back for some relaxing trigger time.

Either way.....things should be back to some semblance of routine after the weekend. Until then (if this post will actually publish and you can read it), God Bless and have a good weekend.