Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Great News From Iraq

The "Two Simonas" and four Egyptians were released today by their kidnappers. Thank the Lord!

My thoughts and prayers have been with these two ladies. I am disturbed and enraged by every kidnapping that occurs and I automatically prepare myself for the worst even while praying for the best. But these two Italian Ladies weighed more on my mind than the rest of the hostages for the simple reason that they might not have been merely murdered in a hideous way. I know that sounds rather callous, but there it is.

I firmly believe that there are worse fates than death and the jihadis have a track record of despicable treatment toward female captives. My heart sunk days ago when reports indicated that they had been killed, more because there was no typical video taping of the murder than because of the likelihood that they were dead. If it wasn't confirmed that they had, indeed been murdered, then their captors might just be saying that so they can keep them indefinitely with nobody actively looking for them.

That scared me more than anything.

Call me a sexist pig if you must, But I would rather think of those two females going home to their reward than living such a horrible existance as surely their captors could have easily imposed on them. Thank God that they are once again safe and going home!

There is still no word on Briton Kenneth Bigley. I pray that he and all of the other hostages will soon be restored to their loved ones soon.