Sunday, September 19, 2004

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Some weeks ago, Slaglerock of the inimitable Slaughter House and MamaMontezz of the one and only Mental Rumpus Room came up with an idea to boost the morale of our troops over seas. they asked bloggers and their readers to write down their feelings toward and thanks to our servicemen and women which could be forwarded by them to one of Slaglerock's comrades who was preparing to deploy to one of the overseas theatres. This friend would then ensure that these words of encouragement would get to where they would do the most good.

The response was amazing. Over 300 letters were submitted and and sent along with SGT. Slagle's friend.

Now they have provided you with a place to go and read these letters.

The Letter Project is a site where soldier and civilian alike can come to read, think and be inspired. If you would like to submit your own letter to the troops, I am sure that either Slaglerock or MommaMontezz would be glad to accept it.