Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Muslims Target Children...What Else Is New?

In their brave war against unarmed people, Muslims have, yet again, targeted children.

Approximately 17 Chechen terrorists, armed with rifles and bomb vests, have hijacked a school and taken 400 hostages. At least 8 corpses were left in their wake including the father of a child who attempted to resist the attackers. The hostages were rounded up and are being held in the school's now heavily mined gymnasium. In the inimitabley classy style of Muslim terrorists, the children are being used in the windows to screen small-arms fire.

The terrorists demand the release of terrorists that have previously been captured by the russians. They also state that 50 children will be murdered, no doubt in a heinous way, for every terrorist scum-bag that is killed and 20 children will be butchered for every terrorist scum-bag that is wounded.

Five will get you ten that this will turn out very badly. Muslim terrorists are not known for their magnanimity. They are less known for their mercy to children.

The greatest tragedy is that these cowards have to resort to making war on children. Why don't they come out of their holes and fight somebody that can offer resistance?

Know your enemy, gentle reader.