Monday, September 13, 2004

Oh....The Humanity!!!

Well, I'm about to tear every lovin' hair outta my head. I installed my new hard drive and that works fine.......but, I couldn't find my disc for reinstalling some of the programs I had. This is not as problematic as it sounds except for the fact that I can't find my anti-virus software. This is singularly vexing as I am now virtually swamped with pop-up ads and tool bars I neither like nor desire and I seem to have a new homepage everytime I log on.

I have tried a new anti-virus program and things have quieted down some. For example, my Disc drive and CD burner are no longer opening and closing of their own accord, which is good since I thought Steven King had hacked my machine. For a while there I was expecting blood to ooze from my speakers and that little girl from The Ring to come crawling out of my monitor.

I now have to become used, apparently, to little prompts asking me if I want access every time I visit a sight now. I get used to that, then again....I might prefer the girl from The Ring. at least she might have heard a good joke or two.

Anyhow...out of shear frustration, I have chugged a quart of Glen Fiddich and taken a handful a handful of mother's little helpers. That should calm me down. Acctualllly I fweel bettttttterr alreasdty.......II caanm Almost sdee aa khnld ;lld;'/;:'ldmihhuiulkkkkkkkkkkkk...................

Just kidding. I'm gonna keep working at this thing until I get it all figured out. Hopefully I can visit some of my fav blogs too. That would be bofo.