Thursday, September 23, 2004

Palestinian Children's Show Host Was Suicide Bomber

This is just sickening. Not even a full work week after the President of the United States chastised Isreal for "humiliating" Palestinians at checkpoints, A young lady who hosted a children's television program in Palestine blew herself and some bystanders up at an Isreali bus stop.

Mister President, I love and support you, but I take serious issue with you telling the Nation of Isreal that they should not be doing everything in their power to prevent outrages like this. If anything we should be behind Isreal one hundred percent. They know what they are doing. And, they have much more of a vested interest in quelling terrorism than we do. They live with it daily; their casualties far exceed those we suffered on 9-11.

What is more, Isreal seems to grasp something that not many in this country seem to want to admit; there is no radical extremist form of Islam, it is Islam as a whole that is trying to exterminate us.

It's easy to blame all of the atrocities commited by terrorists on a few extremists, a small minority of muslims, but how do you explain their international proliferation, their support both monetary and materiel? How do you explain the ominously anti-American/anti-western sentiments of the vaunted Arab street? The dancing in the street and passing out of candy to celebrate any atrocity commited against the west and America or Isreal in particular and the burning of flags, effugies and actual human beings is not enacted by a small minority of people. The persecution in Islamic countries of infidels is rooted in government law and sharia law is only so effective in those countries because neighbor will inform on neighbor and family member on family member. Palestinian and Iranian leaders tell their youth at even their earliest ages that martyrdom against the infidel is a desirable and honorable thing.....and the people lap it up. They embrace it.

No. This is not a small group of fanatic muslims we are speaking of here. In the Middle East, this is status quo.

Granted, not all muslims embrace this unreasoning hatred; but where is their voice? You can hear it, if you listen intently enough. It is a voice drown out. I submit that muslims who wield the voice of reason, who embrace the rhetoric of peace are, in fact, the fringe. The minority.

When even a woman who hosts a television program to teach youngsters straps a bomb to her body and tries to kill as many non-muslims as possible, I am forced to admit that there is a religious war happening. It's happening all over the world. We might not be fighting a religious war with Islam, but they damned sure are fighting one against us.