Saturday, September 18, 2004

Polls Have Kerry Seeing Red And Reds Seeing Kerry

The World Net Daily has a rather interesting article about the recent shift in political focus by groups such as the American communist party and the American socialist democrats.

Interesting, yet hardly surprising.

The communists don't really like Kerry because he is extremely wealthy and because they don't like his voting record. Not that he doesn't vote for the things they want, it's that he seems not to vote at all. This makes him Bourgeois and useless. A Gore, Dean or Kucinich would have been their first choice.

What all the commies can agree on is that they have a unanimous and deep hatred of President Bush and until recently that was the focus of their efforts. Anyone but Bush, even Kerry will do.

All of that has changed since the RNC in NewYork City however. The Democratic stalking horse is rapidly turning into a dark horse and all rubles were placed on Kerry and Edwards in the perfecta. And are little prole hearts all a'flutter!

The workers are now getting guidance from on high to get their collective shoulders behind the Kerry wagon and try to push it out of the mire. Where emphasis was once placed on the President's foibles and weaknesses, it is now to be placed more on Kerry's qualities in an attempt to make him more appealing to voters (as if anything can make a politician seem less appealing than his gaining the full backing of the Communist party!). This directive coming undoubtedly from those un-named international leaders who support Kerry. Why do I smell kung pow and kim chi in the air?

Okay folks. There it is. Judge a person by the company he keeps. Or, in President Bush's case, judge him by his enemies.

If the terrorists AND the communists want Bush out of office, you just know he's doing it right!