Monday, September 20, 2004

Portrait Of An American Warrior

Slaglerock has an outstanding account of a young Marine Corps corporal posted at the Slaughterhouse.

Corporal Lonnie Young, a 25 year old from Virginia, showed the islamodopes what American warfighters are all about last April 4th when he, a U.S. Army captain and a handful of Blackwater security advisors fought off overwhelming hordes of Kalishnikov rifle and RPG wielding terrorists from a rooftop.

Cpl. Young helped organize the defensive position, assisted the wounded which included the Army captain, ran under fire to obtain more ammunition more than a few times and laid down suppressive fire with his M249 Squad Automatic weapon. Actions he continued to perform even after being seriously wounded himself; taking shrapnel in his eye and a bullet in his back which lodged near his spine. He eventually was forced to be evacuated.

Blackwater credits Cpl. Young with being a huge factor in preventing the position from being over-run.

The islamonazis may have shown their willingness to die for their moongod, but Cpl. Young is a prime example of the coalition warfighters who have proven not only their willingness but also their ability to rapidly assist the badguys to their reward.