Saturday, September 11, 2004

Three Years Ago Today

Three years ago today, I was hunched over a length of electrified monorail cutting 12 ga. leads and crimping connectors onto them when the news went around the shop like a lightning bolt. An aeroplane had crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City. It was still quite early in the day, I had just taken my first smoke-break and my second styrofoam cup of coffee was becoming steadily tepid on my tool cabinet, slowly but surely accumulating a fine film of copper dust on it's black surface.

My first thought was that a terrible accident had occured. I recalled a book that I had read in my youth called The Sky Is Falling, an eyewitness account of an Army B-25 Mitchell that had flown into the Empire State building in 1945. Perhaps it was some small plane flown by an inexperienced pilot that had hit the WTC.

Of course every American remembers how the events of that day turned out, It was no small plane. And there was no tragic pilot error. Every American remembers where they were and what they were doing when monsters suddenly, startlingly became very real.

The People of the United States were, in the following days and weeks, repeatedly reminded that Islam is a "religion of peace". The terrorists that had perpetrated this heinous crime were on the fringe....extremists, they did not represent the preponderance of muslims in the world. And indeed, it was evident from the news coverage of the "Arab street" in the hours following the 9-11 attacks that Islam is a peaceful religion. They were peacefully dancing in the streets with joy upon hearing of the murder of so many Americans. Candy was handed out to children. It was a holiday. All was peaceful and joyous with the Islamic peoples of the world.

Today, a full three years post facto, the fabled American Doughfoot, the GI, and his faithful Allies are actively laying their lives on the line to save the world from tyrrany; yet again. Some so-called friends don't want saving. They foolishly believe that, even after all of the bombings, beheadings and shootings that have transpired all over the world, they can find a comfortable circumstance in which to co-exist with Muslim expansion. If these people could be bothered to crack open a book about their own history they would be shocked to find that this is nothing more than another crusade. Of course this is not a shocking intelligence to those who actually pay attention.The fact that Islam is still up to it's old shenanigans because it has been stagnating in the middle ages for the last one thousand years whilst the rest of civilization has passed them by should not be shocking in the least.

There are a couple of things that befuddle me though. One thing that floors me is that we keep refering to the campaign in Iraq and the campaign in Afghanistan as two different and entirely seperate wars. We are fighting against a threat to us in both places. The ones who are fighting us in the mountains on the Pakistani border are ideaologically the same as those fighting against us in Iraq. Their bullets kill our soldiers the same way....their knives saw off the heads of innocents in the same manner. Their philosophy is to expel the Allies so they can bring their murder to our neighborhoods instead of theirs. They are one and the same enemy.

The other thing that totally slays me is that there is still a large number of people that truly believe that if we just live and let live, that if we become more accomodating, the terrorists will just pack up and go home. They believe that the muslim can be reasoned with if we just try and understand him. I have news for you, Jack.....these clowns believe that God wants them to exterminate us all. Do you really think that your good intentions are going to trump a supposed mandate from God? If you really think that your enlightened and humane world view makes you immune to their machinations, please go and have a little tete a tete with some of them. Tell them that Allah is all wet and they should just get along with us. Use that all-powerful good will and understanding of yours. I guarantee that if they have no immediate political use for you, you'll get your head handed to you....literally.

The only things these murderers understand is nothing. They certainly don't understand American resolve if they think we can be intimidated. Americans are a peace loving people who want to be loved by everybody. Until we are provoked, then all bets are off. We have a long reach and, contrary to popular belief, we have the patience of job. The only way to deal with the islamists is to drop the hammer down on them. HARD. No matter how distasteful it may be. Take away their ability to make war, demoralize them, and kill them on sight.

I'll bet you that when all of the dust finally settles, The Islamic world is going to be much more drastically changed than the United States will. And when it is, thank the servicemen of the coalition for it, because it will be a change for the better.