Thursday, September 16, 2004

Todays Birthday Events

I had a ball today, it was a good day. It might have been rather tame compared to what some of you do on your B-Days, but I am getting old and am slowing down as a consequence.

The wife and I packed our son up and drove to my mother and step-father's house where we waited for my grandparents to arrive. Once we were all together, we caravaned over to the Chinese food restaurant that has served as the rally point for family functions for years. My sister and her daughter met us there and as soon as we were ensconced in our seats, the gorging of the egg drop soup commenced in full vigour.

Everything was kopacetic until right after I had finished my "Mongolian Barbeque-esque" stir fry. I don't know what it was but it dropped the hammer on me......hard! My forehead broke out in a cold sweat, my head started to swim and everything took on that surreal, fevered look like it is entirely too big and out of context with it's environment. On top of that, my stomach started to make sounds reminiscent of a frog pond at dusk. Soon I was somehow able to understand what the cooks were shouting at each other in Mandarin from the kitchen; I don't know what that was all about.

After a vain attempt at recovering my composure I stood up, placed my trusty reproduction 1930's Detroit Tigers baseball cap somewhere on top of what seemed at the time to be my grotesque and freakish big giant monkey head and explained that I had to go. Now. If any of the restaurant staff felt that I was skipping on the bill, none of them said so. If I looked anything like I felt, they must have mistaken me for a new year dragon and kept their distance.

Back at my mother's place, I laid down for a little. Afterr the short rest I felt much revived and played a few hands of Euchre and shit on your neighbor with the family (actually I have omitted the phantasmagorical and epic scene enacted for what seemed hours in the little boys room as I wrestled a rather stubborn flying wombat, for the sake of decency).

Now I am at home and have stopped along the way for some chinese take out. What can I say? I was hungry again an hour after dinner!

Most people would consider that a total wash, as far as birthdays go. Me, I consider any occasion when somebody else pays for my dinner a stellar success.