Saturday, October 30, 2004

Finally A Reckoning For Scumbag Companies

This little tidbit is courtesy of MommaMontezz, a very alert and astute person whom you should visit and read daily.

When the G.I's started marching home again in 1945-46, they had no guarantee that they would be working at the same jobs they had when they first left home.

Granted there is no longer a draft. There are however loads of white collar and blue collar Americans whose Reserve and National Guard units are being activated. These citizen soldiers are fighting for you and me and they also have a right to keep their civilian employment. It's the law of the land.

It's about time that the Government started enforcing that law and calling violating companies to account for displaying their hatred of our servicemen in such a despicable way.

Manny, Moe and Jack....keep looking over your shoulder. That sense of foreboding is the Federal Government breathing down your necks.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Another Friday Night

Well, here we are with the weekend upon us and nothing happening here....except the cop that was standing in my living room.

I was in the computer room, ripping my CDs into MP3s and my 4 year-old comes runing in yelling "policeman....policeman!"

I just gave him a stock "that's nice, Ronnie. Now go finish your cartoon or else turn the television set off."

This is where he grabs me by the arm and tries pulling me out of my chair. By his insistancy that I follow him there is either a policeman toy on a commercial that he feels I must absolutely see or else Timmy is in the well, so I rise painfully from my chair and follow him into the livingroom.

All kinds of primitive urges to kill flooded my body in the form of adrenalyn when I first made out the dark form of a huge man standing in the sunroom just off the livingroom.

I just managed to ejaculate a "My God!" when my eye started to register details in the semi-lit room that a split second before had gone un-noticed, namely the batman utility belt and the light from the television glinting off a badge.

I immediately felt a sense of relief and my instinct to protect my child at all costs started to subside at the recognition. The policeman cleared his throat and, I think after seeing my reaction and the fact that I had momentarily started bounding toward him faster than I had been walking when I had entered the room, explained that he was dropping off an absentee ballot for Meagan (my sister) as she had requested.

I took what he proffered and that was that...he left.

I think what happened is that my son went and opened up the door and let him in before coming and getting me. Junior and I had a little chat after that.

Since it turned out NOT to be Jack the ripper or anyone else like that....we can all laugh about it now.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Okay. Who's The Wiseguy That Opened The Seventh Seal???

Terry Francona and his Boston RedSox sweep the St. Louis Cardinals, winning their first World Series in 86 years!!!!

For Guy S.'s information, the Chicago Cubs are now frantically checking their archives for any tie-in with Babe Ruth so they can adopt the curse and have a convenient explanation for their astounding lack of post-season success.

And for us Tiger year! Wait 'til next year!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Okay, I Admit It....

I'm pulling for the RedSox. I really, really, really want to see them win the World Series! And NO, before the wags out there start with the flaming arrows, I am not hopping on the band wagon. I am a dyed-in-the-wool Tigers fan. If you shaved my head you would probably find a birth mark in the shape of an Olde English D. Being a hardcore fan of the Detroit Tigers requires a sense of and appreciation for the history of the game because most seasons that is all we fans have to cling to.

It is this sense of history that compels me to root for the Sox and want to see them go all the way. I want to see Boston get the championship after such a long streak as they have had and I want to be able to tell my grandchildren that I saw it when it happened, when The Curse died.

I know that somewhere Ted Williams, Jimmy Fox and a host of other RedSox illuminaries are watching this game....hopefully from Heaven. I want them to see this club achieve what even their herculean efforts could not. It's that sense of triumph that has eluded a team for so long and is finally about to be realized. It's what every great sports movie is about. Everyone can relate to this kind of drama.

No, I'm not a RedSox fan per se. I always cheer for the American League team in the World Series....even the Yankees *Blech*. But this time around it's special. I don't just want to see the American League Champions win.... I want to see them embarrass the Cards. I want the 21st century's equivalent of the called shot.

I want a legend that I can recall for grandchildren on a cold, dark winter's eve.

Monday, October 25, 2004

No Politics....For Now

I am so burned out on politics for now that I am imposing a gag order on myself for the time being. No political talk.

Instead i will be regaling my loyal readers with whatever sundry trivialties and minutiae might pop into my head as I type. I'm sure that this will be a fun and rewarding exercise.

So, what shall I write about???

OOH OOH I know!!

How many of you remember the breakfast cereal called Waffle-o's? with the crazy little prospector-looking character on the box called Waffl-o Bill...remember that???

When I was a kid....about 7 (right before the family moved to Texas), I would wake up on those wonderful sun-shiney summer mornings and walk to the market with a few dollars mom would give me and buy a box of Waffle-o's which had temporarily replaced Count Chocula as my fav morning repast. I remember collecting beer and pop bottles along the way so I could buy some Wacky Packages cards. These were all the rage then.

After stopping at the market I would turn right, cross what passed for a street and go to the dairy store for a glass bottle of milk and completely walk around the block til I got back home.

Waffle-o's gave me the needed energy to go out and do what 7 year old boys did in Michigan during the summer back in the late seventies....wade barefoot out in the creek and catch tadpoles, one-eyed frogs and crayfish! WEEE!

These, of course, were captured, promptly put in buckets and or mason jars...depending on the size of the creature...and kept as pets until dead. They were very temporary pets but at least they were free. I could not afford sea monkeys and bumblebees occasionally escaped and exacted swift revenge.

I also liked to take my glove and go across the yard to the back of the school where all of the neighborhood kids would go and play baseball. That was always a blast. Running around barefoot was the fashion back then....funny how broken glass and pickerbushes could be shaken off by a seven year old.

I had Darth Vader underoos and the best thing that could happen was to go "up North" for the weekend and go swimming in Lake Huron.

Remember waking up on those summer mornings and running around or riding bikes outside until supper?

I wouldn't let my son out of my sight now until he is 18! It is a great pity that he won't learn self reliance the way we did.

I remember when if a kid bullied you, you would punch him in the eye and no lawyers were called in on the action. The worst that would happen was mom would yell at you to be nice and when she left the room dad would give you a knowing wink and let you sip his beer. may sound silly to you but the monitor is getting kind of blurry. My vision sometimes gets blurry when I think of my childhood and remember that my little boy won't know a simple life like that. Sad.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Boring Saturday

Well friends, and I sincerely hope that I may call you all friends, I have had a another garden-variety common Saturday. Quite boring really.

It is incredibly cold, dark and rainy here in eastern Michigan. Congenial conditions for re-reading a Rex Stout mystery yet the eccentric quirks of Nero Wolfe were not enough to captivate my restless mind. So I wondered about the house a good deal, wondering what I could find to do on such a dreary day.

First I went to the bathroom and experimented with my facial hair.....I told you I was bored. Instead of performing my usual morning toilet, I have decided to forego the shaving of my cheeks and moustache. I'll let that go until Thanksgiving I think and see if I am the Ambrose Burnside type. Perhaps when I finally shave it, my wife will have one more thing to be truly thankful for.

It has been brought to my attention that Coca-Cola has been selling their product in the old green bottles again so a dozen of these bottles are now residing in my lettuce crisper at this time. This discovery marks one of the highlights of my Saturday.

My son was writing what I can only describe as cuniform on colored paper with his crayons but is now watching the Fairly Odd Parents on the television. I can actually hear his brain rotting from here. I would change it but I doubt I would find anything better for him and could undoubtedly find much worse. Any way, he is contented for the time being.

Last night my wife and I made the most perfect reproduction of the old A&W coney island sauce that I have tasted in years. I doubt many people outside America's borders would be terribly impressed but to Mid-Westerners, this is Haute Cuisine of the first order. Carolinians can have their hotdogs with coleslaw. Chicaoans can have theirs with tomato and saurkraut. New Yorkers can have their Nathan's. Until you have beheld the glory that is a Koegel's Vienna sausage with coney island sauce (a little improvement over the coney island hotdogs of the actual Coney Island), cheese, minced onion, and have not yet had a true hotdog. If you want to live life on the edge, add ketchup to it. Or Catsup if you are feeling fancy. If by some cruel twist of fate, you are not in Michigan and can not gain possesion of any Koegel's meat products.....I'm truly sorry. Life is not fair.

Well, I think that this might be it for now unless inspiration strikes, which might be unlikely as I have found the news singularly uninspiring as of late. Can't wait till Kerry gets soundly thrashed at the polls so we can get on with life.

I think I'll go have a green bottle of coke and a lucky and go watch game 1 of the World Series.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Christians INO

Mr Minority has an excellent article about the weirdness surrounding today's mainstream Christian denominations.

I couldn't agree more with his post. It seems that most of the mainstream denominations are more concerned with being accepted by the World that they are supposed to eschew than they are with spreading and living by the word of Christ.

To say that one is a Christian is to say that one is a follower of Christ, that one accepts Christ as his Lord and Savior and adheres to Christ's teachings. Christ himself said that he had come not to take away from the word of God (meaning the Old Testament) but to add to it. If this be true, how can somebody totally disregard the teachings of the Bible and still claim to be a Christian?

And before I get any comments about the dubious nature of the Bible, just understand that I am venting these ramblings toward Christians or those who claim to be. So if you don't believe, that is fine, this post wasn't for you. It was intended for the "Christians" who feel free to pick and choose what they accept as truth in the Bible.

A lot of people describe themselves as Christians merely because they were raised in a "religious" home or because they used to go to church as kids. The same way Nineteenth Century Anglo-Saxons used "White man" and "Christian" interchangeably; ridiculous. Kinda like Kerry claiming to be a Catholic in the same way he claimed to be Irish.....I guess it just sounds wrong if you claim to be one and not the other. I was in a BurgerKing last week, that don't make me an onion ring. Kerry saw the inside of a cathedral a few times, that don't make him a Catholic. His moral stance on just about everything bears this out. More and more "Christians" are showing the same distressing moral equivocation and that is just disturbing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sleeper Cars And Flannel Uniforms

My lovely wife went and bought me this book today and it is more than worth the price of $20.00.

If you are as avid a nut about the "Golden Age" of baseball as I am, you will find this little volume to be an enjoyable addition to your bookshelf.

It's told by an insider, the famous 1930's submarine pitcher of the Detroit Tigers, Elden Auker. He's the only player still alive who has played against Babe Ruth and if you read the book you will find out which famous player was almost beaten to death by the Sultan of Swat for stealing his watch!LOL.

Monday, October 18, 2004

State Department Adds Saudi Arabia To List

This was a long time in coming!

We should not, as a freedom loving people, have any relations with Saudi Arabia whatsoever. Their particular strain of Islam, Wahabism, is so aggressive and virulent that other types of muslims have a hard time in the country. People are facing actual death sentances in Saudi Arabia for converting from Islam and people of other faiths are in similar straits.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is actively denying it's people their most basic rights as human beings and the United States has no business do business with that kingdom. Not even for oil.

Friday, October 15, 2004

What Is Going On Here?

When I read this article, I was totally astounded. What is going on over in Iraq?

Soldiers have been short of necessary equipment in every war this country has been involved in, but the soldiers always performed their duty despite perceived risks because every soldier's duty is important in the grand scheme of things.

At least, they always have up until now. Apparently the soldiers who are awaiting the food and water and whatever else these Quartermaster Corps soldiers were charged with delivering to them will just have to go without until said Quartermaster troops feel safe enough to perform their jobs.

The world can thank God that the Quartermaster troops of the past did not sit down and refuse to deliver the necessities to our troops in the field;whether it was driving down Highway 1 in RVN, a fire break in the Ardennes Forest, a turnpike to Gettysburg or even a path of bloody footprints in Vally Forge before that.

I know that this is a rare occurance and that the preponderance of our soldiers are doing amazing things. I just can't believe what this one platoon did.....incredible!

I'm too upset to write anymore on the subject.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Stuff That Nightmares Are Made Of

This story from the Washington Times, via Drudge is truly terrifying.

Could 25 or more Chechen terrorists with Lord-knows-what in their backpacks have come across our border from Mexico?

God help us if this is true.

President Bush needs to close down our borders and start arranging for the recruitment of border guards and possibly even the federalization of the State National Guard in those areas to stifle the infiltration of undesireables into our country.

Enough playing patty-cake with illegal aliens. Please....before it's too late!

American school children being slaughtered at the hands of muslim terrorists is something none of us want to see.


In my zeal to get this posted, I forgot to give credit to Behind Enemy Lines for giving me the heads up on this story. So, thanks pal! You're aces. - RedFalcon

Friends With Talent

My friend and brother Paratrooper John David Lamb has recorded some more awesome tunes. I highly recommend him to anyone who appreciates a truly gifted performer.

He has one new song in particular called They which is dedicated to Dan Rather and his ilk at the alphabet news networks.

Colt .45 is a highly listenable number that involves a bar-fly with amorous intentions, copious amounts of Budweiser, and a lawman's wife. Classic country music fare, no?

I understand that he has made some videos lately and that his stuff is already in the rotation at a few radio stations in Texas. A few of his tunes are really big overseas.

Another friend of mine, who is a right guy and is multi-talented, is Christopher Martin. He is the bass player for the SubDeacons and is a gifted song writer as well. He kindly gave me his band's CD as a gift and I really enjoy listening to it. A few of the tunes really hit home for me but which songs they were is only for me to know so go find your own deep

What is more, Christopher has played in Scotland and has toured my Clan's castle, Foulis, and has spoken with Hector Munro of Foulis, the Laird of the castle and Chief of the Mac an Rothaich ! That alone makes him jake in RedFalcon's book.

If you like good music you simply must give these guys a few minutes of your time. Visit the links and find out for yourself how good they truly are.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Brownshirt Redux

The last time news like this was reported, Der Sturmer was the paper reporting it. It seems the AFL/CIO has taken to reenacting the halcyon days of the Sturmabteilung or Brownshirts; you know, the pesky Nazi type guys that liberals like to accuse conservatives of being.

You always hear "Bushitler" and "Republican Nazis", etc., but who are the ones that are really aping the tactics of the Nazis?

Liberals are anti-zionist. Liberals have the backing of the unions and the socialists......would that make the Democrats the socialist worker's party? Liberals practice thuggery and intimidation tactics. Liberals want to defang the people by disarming them and making them dependant on the state for their protection. Liberals want to control the population of minorities via abortion.

It seems that all the liberals need to complete the tableau is to arrange for the production of Birkenstock jackboots.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Bad Weekend

My apologies for not posting this weekend, folks. I have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune recently and was left entirely too demoralized by the cruel combinations life sometimes has in store for mortal man to be able to post anything worthwhile. back flared up on me with a vengeance. The sciatica did not reappear, Thank God, but I was totally immobilized by the pain in my left-middle back and spent much of the weekend in lecto recumbit.

Normally, there are worse things than being stuck on a livingroom couch. This was my attitude toward my situation. At first. After a few hours of lying there reading, I started to get a nasty head and neck ache from lying with the back of my head on that awful armrest. A pillow only intensified the acute angle at which my head was forced to stick out from my shoulders. So I gingerley slid over onto my side but I can not read like that so I had to abandon the printed word for other entertainments. Namely the flickering warm glow of the idiot box.

I enjoyed television very much for the first few hours....Okay, all night. There were also other pleasant diversions such as the deafening and incessant caterwauling of my niece who adamantly insists on speaking 200 decibels above that of my old Drill Sergeant. There was also my own son who has decided lately that he is starving every hour and a half, I naturally am the only adult in the house during these growth-spurt induced feeding frenzies so I get to haul my aching self out to the kitchen and perform such minor works of culinary wonderment as would satisfy such a young boy.

On top of it all, I had foolishly decided Friday night that quitting smoking would be the wisest move in my immediate future. Not that quitting smopking is foolish ipso facto, just that the timing could have been better. Needless to say I was quite the crank this weekend...until I broke down and asked my Frau to go and buy a deck of Luckies for her poor sweety.

For all of the aching and book deprivation and all of the other things that prevented me from relaxing this weekend, Hell did not truly come to RedFalcon's nest until 2100 hrs EST Sunday.

I had fallen asleep sometime earlier while my son was playing with racecars on the floor. The SCIFI channel was on and a movie was on that I cannot remember except that it was monumental in it's mediocrity. When I had awakened some time later, my son was asleep on the other couch and a new movie was starting on SCIFI. It was called Raptor Island and it was BAD. Colossally bad. I swear Nostradamus mentioned something about this movie playing during the end times.

I groped about me furiously for the remote. None could be found (it was later found in the bathroom. My son strikes again!). I attempted to right myself so I could go and change the television manually like our forefathers did. No soap....I was too stiff and sore. I couldn't consider waking Ronnie up or I would never get him back to sleep and moving him to his bedroom without waking him was a headache I was saving especially for Mommy when she got home from work....MuHuhuwahahahahahaha.

So there I was. Me and that atrocious movie. Like the victim of a senseless crime, my brain tried desperately to deny the reality of my situation. I tried vainly to slip into madness just so I would be blissfully unaware of how hideous Raptor Island was. Sanity refused to loosen it's tenuous grasp, however, and I was denied sanctuary in the cool refreshing dark waters of dementia.

All I could do was accept the inevitable. I curled up in the fetal position so as to better protect my Id from the merciless onslaught of witnessing Lorenzo Lamas portray some psychopathic writer's idea of a Navy SEAL. I would have probably sucked my thumb as well, but I was already pinching my nose in the P.U. fashion and would surely have suffocated which, while escape from my plight, was a bit too permanent a solution for a two hour SCIFI original movie. Even an atrocity of this magnitude.

If I could only convince the State Department to sit down and watch a few minutes of this film, I'm sure we could try the producer and director for crimes against humanity.

Anyway, I am feeling a bit better and should be back to form in no time. This weekend...especially Sunday night is seared, seared into my memory. I can not forget about it no matter how I try. Moments of this weekend will haunt me til the day I die. No, I can not forget but perhaps, in time, I will learn to make friends with the ghosts and will someday be able to heal the scars that that movie made. Maybe someday I will be a productive, sentient human being again and will be able, maybe, to move on with my life despite the crippling effects of having been forced to watch that movie.

Friday, October 08, 2004

British Hostage Murdered

Despite attempts by the British government to prevent it, Kenneth Bigley has been beheaded by his kidnappers.

I am totally disgusted. No, not by what the terrorist cowards are capable of doing when they outnumber an old man who is hog-tied; I already accept that they are beneath contempt and that murdering defenseless people is all that they are competent at.

I am disgusted that half of this country, the United States of America.....the Bastion of liberty....the Noble more concerned over allowing gays to marry than they are over the acts of these bloody monsters who are trying to kill as many of us as possible.

Half of this country is appalled that we would go and kill terrorists yet they are the first ones to cry foul if a 17 year old girl is denied a right to kill her unborn baby.

Half of this country is opposed to U.S. interference with oppressive theocratic regimes yet recoil in terror at the sight of a Nativity scene on a church lawn.

I am sickened by feminist organizations that literally hate President Bush so much that they support regimes like the Taliban in Afghanistan and ignore the atrocities that they perpetrate on women.

I am sickened by arguments over job growth and a supposed hard times economy. We are at war with a very determined and murderous enemy. This enemy seeks to kill civilians, not soldiers. Ask the families of murdered hostages if improved growth in the job market will bring their loved one back.

We need to focus all of the vast resources of our nation on the quick, ruthless destruction of our enemies or there is no point in obsessing over anything else. Victory should be the only thing that we are concerning ourselves over.

It is futile to worry about piddling domestic problems when the barbarians are at the gates.

With victory comes hope for the future. Without victory there is no future.

Okay, that's the end of my rant for today.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Mellencamp Cancels Concert In Pro-Bush Miami Beach

John Mellencamp has cancelled a Bush-bashing concert in Miami Beach. The concert was the product of MOVE ON PAC, natch. He reports that he will return after the elections and the hurricane season has passed the area by, but they are liberals so I automatically assume that they are lying.

It is reported that the cancellation was NOT due to suffering ticket sales. I'm assuming that what they really mean is that they couldn't sell enough tickets to justify the show and were therefore not going to play a venue there until this unreasonable wave of pro-Bush fervor had passed. If this is his way of punishing the pro-Bush areas....I say punish the whole country after the election when President Bush wins at the polls and retire.

I always thought that anybody tacky enough to wear muscle shirts when they had the physique of an eleven year old boy didn't deserve the celebrity that mellencamp enjoyed anyway. And his hair was always so beavis and butthead!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Kerry Wants The Approval Of These Guys?!?

After admitting to the CBC that Hamas is drawing paychecks from the United Nations, Peter Hansen, Commissioner-General of UNRWA, confesses "I don't see that as a crime".

This explains soooooooo much!

Namely, this explains how Palestinian terrorists have such easy access to United Nations vehicles to surreptitiously move their munitions and gunmen back and forth. More importantly, it explains why the UN seems so biased toward the Palestinian murderers.....because the men put in charge of UN projects see nothing wrong with what the terrorist organizations do. In essence, the UN not only turns a blind eye toward terrorism, but they actively provide aid in the killing of Isreali women and children.

I want to see this brought up at the next debate this Friday and I want to hear Senator Kerry justify his willingness to place this nation's interests in the hands of these people.

How can we expect help in the war on terror from the UN when the UN is already helping the terrorists?

One Of Kerry's Many Flaws

Why would Kerry not make a good Commander-In-Chief? Here is what one of history's experts on the subject has to say....

Evidently we should not say of a man who changes his views every moment, however much the motives of change may originate with himself, that he has character.

Only those men, therefore, can be said to have this quality whose conviction is very constant...

Carl von Clausewitz,Vom Krieg

Monday, October 04, 2004

Kerry Is Wrong. Yet Again.

Scott Wheeler of CNSNews has a very enlightening article concerning Iraq and their place in the War On Terror.

The article is about a number of documents that have recently come to light showing that, not only did Saddam's regime purchase WMDs like anthrax and mustard gas, but also that the former Iraqi regime was neck deep in the terrorism business.

Saddam Hussein had actively sought and established links with such groups as Al Jehad wa'l Tajdeed, the Palestinian Liberation Front, Al Jehad al Islamy and Al Qaieda. Al-Zawahiri, bin Laden's Egyptian born number two man was the head of Al jehad al Islamy, but as the article points out, he is not the only Al Qaieda link to Iraq indicated in the documents.

Wheeler also goes on to recount instances of Iraqi co-operation with international terrorism, and the hunt for Americans in particular. He says the documents state that the Iraqi Intelligence Agency was directed to assist in attacks against American interests in Somalia nine months before the ambush of American soldiers in Mogadishu and that the same agency trained 92 terrorists in it's facilities in Iraq.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, the fact that Saddam attempted to assassinate the President of the United States was enough to justify reducing the whole of Iraq to rubble. These intelligences are strictly gravy. You add it all up with Saddam blatantly ignoring the cease fire terms of the Gulf War and the numerous subsequent resolutions, his expelling of UN weapons inspectors, his paying off families of homicide bombers who routinely targeted Isreali civilians and children and, last but certainly not least, his atrocious treatment of his own people and you get what amounts to his just begging for someone to hand his ass to him.

No, I won't be losing any sleep over President Bush's decision to turn Saddam's life into a big nightmare. I genuinely believe that this was the right war in the right place and that it took way too much time in happening.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Palestinian Butts Are Getting Kicked This Weekend

Sharon promises an expanded offensive against the Palestinians until terrorist rocket attacks cease. The IDF seems to be smoking a lot of terrorist militiamen which can only be a good thing.

The terrorists don't care about their "countrymen" that they are hurting. It's good copy for western journalists and "humanitarian" (dictator appeasing) organizations when the IDF retaliates for the murder of their citizens. News organizations like to report how Isreali tanks and bulldozers knock down Palestinian schools and houses, they only mention the Isreali houses and schools that are destroyed in passing. They almost never mention the fact that the vast difference between the way the two sides go about it is that the Isreali Army knocks down evacuated buildings and targets terrorists; the muslims indescriminately murder innocents and target occupied buildings.

The UN is whining about Palestinian civilian casualties, real or imagined, as usual. No doubt they are too busy chauffering terrorist missiles around to do any fact checking. Anyway, they are keeping characteristically mum about Isreali civilian casualties. Who cares about the grisley deaths of a few measley JOOO children anyway....right Koffi?

Mark Twain Said Christians Should Let Morals Dictate Vote

The following was posted by Kyer on his great blog. It was so great, I just had to post it here.

It will be conceded that every man's first duty is to God; it will also be conceded, and with strong emphasis, that a Christian's first duty is to God. It then follows, as a matter of course, that it is his duty to carry his Christian code of morals to the polls and vote them. Whenever he shall do that, he will not find himself voting for an unclean man, a dishonest man. Whenever a Christian votes, he votes against God or for Him, and he knows this quite well. God is an issue in every election; He is a candidate in the person of every clean nominee on every ticket; His purity and His approval are there, to be voted for or voted against, and no fealty to party can absolve His servant from his higher and more exacting fealty to Him; He takes precedence of party, duty to Him is above every claim of party.

If Christians should vote their duty to God at the polls, they would carry every election, and do it with ease. They would elect every clean candidate in the United States, and defeat every soiled one. Their prodigious power would be quickly realized and recognized, and afterward there would be no unclean candidates upon any ticket, and graft would cease. No church organization can be found in the country that would elect men of foul character to be its shepherd, itstreasurer, and superintendent of its Sunday-school. It wouldbe revolted at the idea; it would consider such an election aninsult to God. Yet every Christian congregation in the country elects foul men to public office, while quite aware that this also is an open and deliberate insult to God, who can not approve and does not approve the placing of the liberties and the well-being of His children in the hands of infamous men. It is the Christian congregations that are responsible for the filling of our public offices with criminals, for the reason that they could prevent it if they chose to do it. They could prevent it without organizing a league, without framing a platform, without making any speeches or passing any resolutions -- in a word, without concert of any kind.

They could accomplish it by each individual resolving to vote for God at the polls -- that is to say, vote for the candidate whom God would approve. Can a man imagine such a thing as God being a Republican or a Democrat, and voting for a criminal or a blackguard merely because party loyalty required it? Then can we imagine that a man can improve upon God's attitude in this matter, and by help of professional politicians invent a better policy? God has no politics but cleanliness and honesty, and it is good enough for men.

… If the Christians of America could be persuaded to vote God and a clean ticket, it would bring about a moral revolution that would be incalculably beneficent. It would save the country -- a country whose Christians have betrayed it and are destroying it.

— Mark Twain, Colliers Magazine, September 2, 1905.

Saturday, October 02, 2004


Mr Minority has a very revealing post about the true nature of the aid the United Nations is providing for the Palestinians.

First we here of UN vehicles being used to transport terrorists. Now they are being provided for the covert movement of rockets and who-knows-what other munitions.

Is it cupidity or moral blindness that prevents almost half of our nation from recognizing the United Nations for what it is....a dictator factory and banking house for terrorists and tyrants? Now we can add islamofascist motorpool to the list.

We need to distance ourselves from the UN if only out of a sense of self preservation.

Great post Mr Minority! Keep pointing us in the right direction.

Friday, October 01, 2004

In The Face Of Evil - A New Film About Reagan

I have recieved an E-mail notifying me that there is a new film about President Ronald Reagan that will debut in Los Angeles on October 1st. It is called In The Face Of Evil and from what I have read of the reviews on the website, it sounds like a real humdinger. Please follow the link and see it for yourself. Let's get the word out on this one. After that mini-series stinker that aired on television not too long ago, this should be a breath of fresh air. I'm sure that it will do the Great Communicator proud.

I'll be waiting for this the meantime, I am advance dating this post so that it stays at the top.

President Too Easy On Kerry

Last night's Debate could have been a lot worse. It could have been a lot better as well.

The President took the high road because that's what kind of man he is, and it looks like it cost him a bit in the short run. Instead of calling Kerry out on numerous canards and conflicting statements, President Bush refrained and let it eat at him. I can't blame him for getting upset, nobody likes being called a liar, especially by an egregious one, but he should have pointed out everything Kerry said that was a contradiction. He didn't. The opportunity slipped through his fingers and it looks like Kerry squeeked through this time.

I'm not saying Kerry won the debate, I don't think he did. He was too mealy-mouthed. I'm just saying that the President failed to crush him like the lying worm that he is because the President was trying to show that he was above that and you just can't let a man BS the whole nation and not call him on it.

When Kerry said that Saddam WAS a threat and the world was better off without him, then turned around with the "Wrong war" meme. That was a missed opportunity. I would have hammered him there. Which resolution did Kerry feel Saddam would have eventually complied with....18....21.....30? Should we have refrained from enforcing even a thirtieth resolution? When would Kerry have committed to military force? And if he did, would he have woke up the next morning and decided to pull them out again like the flip-flopper he is?

Missed opportunity #2 was Kerry's saying that he didn't want to pull troops out of Iraq in 6 months. He almost immediately went on to say that IF his plan were followed, we could begin withdrawing troops in 6 months. Did anyone else catch this???

And why, if it's the wrong war in the wrong place and at the wrong time, and if our troops don't belong there, would the whole situation be made right by the inclusion of French or German troops? Am I the only one that feels this idea is silly?

When did American security become subject to global tests? We have to stick our finger in the air and see which way the wind is blowing before we protect ourselves? No thank you Mister Kerry.

I also would have asked the good Senator which "allies" he was planning on inviting into Iraq. France and Germany certainly made it clear that they had no intention of helping out there, regardless of who was in the oval office.

I also would have asked him why he thinks giving Iran any kind of nuclear assistance is a wise idea, considering there track record.

Why was Kerry allowed to skate on these things? That was a mistake and I hope the President is feeling his oats come next Friday.

President Bush didn't do badly himself. He did take a second or two collecting his thoughts before speaking. I'm sure that the left is thinking he was confused or some such rubbish. But I disagree. That's like saying Churchill was dull witted because he chose his words slowly. It's a childish thing to say and that's what the liberals are good at. My only problem was that he consistently chose not to be too hard on Kerry and in the end Kerry looked slicker.

I'm sure it will be different next week.