Friday, October 29, 2004

Another Friday Night

Well, here we are with the weekend upon us and nothing happening here....except the cop that was standing in my living room.

I was in the computer room, ripping my CDs into MP3s and my 4 year-old comes runing in yelling "policeman....policeman!"

I just gave him a stock "that's nice, Ronnie. Now go finish your cartoon or else turn the television set off."

This is where he grabs me by the arm and tries pulling me out of my chair. By his insistancy that I follow him there is either a policeman toy on a commercial that he feels I must absolutely see or else Timmy is in the well, so I rise painfully from my chair and follow him into the livingroom.

All kinds of primitive urges to kill flooded my body in the form of adrenalyn when I first made out the dark form of a huge man standing in the sunroom just off the livingroom.

I just managed to ejaculate a "My God!" when my eye started to register details in the semi-lit room that a split second before had gone un-noticed, namely the batman utility belt and the light from the television glinting off a badge.

I immediately felt a sense of relief and my instinct to protect my child at all costs started to subside at the recognition. The policeman cleared his throat and, I think after seeing my reaction and the fact that I had momentarily started bounding toward him faster than I had been walking when I had entered the room, explained that he was dropping off an absentee ballot for Meagan (my sister) as she had requested.

I took what he proffered and that was that...he left.

I think what happened is that my son went and opened up the door and let him in before coming and getting me. Junior and I had a little chat after that.

Since it turned out NOT to be Jack the ripper or anyone else like that....we can all laugh about it now.