Saturday, October 23, 2004

Boring Saturday

Well friends, and I sincerely hope that I may call you all friends, I have had a another garden-variety common Saturday. Quite boring really.

It is incredibly cold, dark and rainy here in eastern Michigan. Congenial conditions for re-reading a Rex Stout mystery yet the eccentric quirks of Nero Wolfe were not enough to captivate my restless mind. So I wondered about the house a good deal, wondering what I could find to do on such a dreary day.

First I went to the bathroom and experimented with my facial hair.....I told you I was bored. Instead of performing my usual morning toilet, I have decided to forego the shaving of my cheeks and moustache. I'll let that go until Thanksgiving I think and see if I am the Ambrose Burnside type. Perhaps when I finally shave it, my wife will have one more thing to be truly thankful for.

It has been brought to my attention that Coca-Cola has been selling their product in the old green bottles again so a dozen of these bottles are now residing in my lettuce crisper at this time. This discovery marks one of the highlights of my Saturday.

My son was writing what I can only describe as cuniform on colored paper with his crayons but is now watching the Fairly Odd Parents on the television. I can actually hear his brain rotting from here. I would change it but I doubt I would find anything better for him and could undoubtedly find much worse. Any way, he is contented for the time being.

Last night my wife and I made the most perfect reproduction of the old A&W coney island sauce that I have tasted in years. I doubt many people outside America's borders would be terribly impressed but to Mid-Westerners, this is Haute Cuisine of the first order. Carolinians can have their hotdogs with coleslaw. Chicaoans can have theirs with tomato and saurkraut. New Yorkers can have their Nathan's. Until you have beheld the glory that is a Koegel's Vienna sausage with coney island sauce (a little improvement over the coney island hotdogs of the actual Coney Island), cheese, minced onion, and have not yet had a true hotdog. If you want to live life on the edge, add ketchup to it. Or Catsup if you are feeling fancy. If by some cruel twist of fate, you are not in Michigan and can not gain possesion of any Koegel's meat products.....I'm truly sorry. Life is not fair.

Well, I think that this might be it for now unless inspiration strikes, which might be unlikely as I have found the news singularly uninspiring as of late. Can't wait till Kerry gets soundly thrashed at the polls so we can get on with life.

I think I'll go have a green bottle of coke and a lucky and go watch game 1 of the World Series.