Friday, October 08, 2004

British Hostage Murdered

Despite attempts by the British government to prevent it, Kenneth Bigley has been beheaded by his kidnappers.

I am totally disgusted. No, not by what the terrorist cowards are capable of doing when they outnumber an old man who is hog-tied; I already accept that they are beneath contempt and that murdering defenseless people is all that they are competent at.

I am disgusted that half of this country, the United States of America.....the Bastion of liberty....the Noble more concerned over allowing gays to marry than they are over the acts of these bloody monsters who are trying to kill as many of us as possible.

Half of this country is appalled that we would go and kill terrorists yet they are the first ones to cry foul if a 17 year old girl is denied a right to kill her unborn baby.

Half of this country is opposed to U.S. interference with oppressive theocratic regimes yet recoil in terror at the sight of a Nativity scene on a church lawn.

I am sickened by feminist organizations that literally hate President Bush so much that they support regimes like the Taliban in Afghanistan and ignore the atrocities that they perpetrate on women.

I am sickened by arguments over job growth and a supposed hard times economy. We are at war with a very determined and murderous enemy. This enemy seeks to kill civilians, not soldiers. Ask the families of murdered hostages if improved growth in the job market will bring their loved one back.

We need to focus all of the vast resources of our nation on the quick, ruthless destruction of our enemies or there is no point in obsessing over anything else. Victory should be the only thing that we are concerning ourselves over.

It is futile to worry about piddling domestic problems when the barbarians are at the gates.

With victory comes hope for the future. Without victory there is no future.

Okay, that's the end of my rant for today.