Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Brownshirt Redux

The last time news like this was reported, Der Sturmer was the paper reporting it. It seems the AFL/CIO has taken to reenacting the halcyon days of the Sturmabteilung or Brownshirts; you know, the pesky Nazi type guys that liberals like to accuse conservatives of being.

You always hear "Bushitler" and "Republican Nazis", etc., but who are the ones that are really aping the tactics of the Nazis?

Liberals are anti-zionist. Liberals have the backing of the unions and the socialists......would that make the Democrats the socialist worker's party? Liberals practice thuggery and intimidation tactics. Liberals want to defang the people by disarming them and making them dependant on the state for their protection. Liberals want to control the population of minorities via abortion.

It seems that all the liberals need to complete the tableau is to arrange for the production of Birkenstock jackboots.