Thursday, October 21, 2004

Christians INO

Mr Minority has an excellent article about the weirdness surrounding today's mainstream Christian denominations.

I couldn't agree more with his post. It seems that most of the mainstream denominations are more concerned with being accepted by the World that they are supposed to eschew than they are with spreading and living by the word of Christ.

To say that one is a Christian is to say that one is a follower of Christ, that one accepts Christ as his Lord and Savior and adheres to Christ's teachings. Christ himself said that he had come not to take away from the word of God (meaning the Old Testament) but to add to it. If this be true, how can somebody totally disregard the teachings of the Bible and still claim to be a Christian?

And before I get any comments about the dubious nature of the Bible, just understand that I am venting these ramblings toward Christians or those who claim to be. So if you don't believe, that is fine, this post wasn't for you. It was intended for the "Christians" who feel free to pick and choose what they accept as truth in the Bible.

A lot of people describe themselves as Christians merely because they were raised in a "religious" home or because they used to go to church as kids. The same way Nineteenth Century Anglo-Saxons used "White man" and "Christian" interchangeably; ridiculous. Kinda like Kerry claiming to be a Catholic in the same way he claimed to be Irish.....I guess it just sounds wrong if you claim to be one and not the other. I was in a BurgerKing last week, that don't make me an onion ring. Kerry saw the inside of a cathedral a few times, that don't make him a Catholic. His moral stance on just about everything bears this out. More and more "Christians" are showing the same distressing moral equivocation and that is just disturbing.