Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Friends With Talent

My friend and brother Paratrooper John David Lamb has recorded some more awesome tunes. I highly recommend him to anyone who appreciates a truly gifted performer.

He has one new song in particular called They which is dedicated to Dan Rather and his ilk at the alphabet news networks.

Colt .45 is a highly listenable number that involves a bar-fly with amorous intentions, copious amounts of Budweiser, and a lawman's wife. Classic country music fare, no?

I understand that he has made some videos lately and that his stuff is already in the rotation at a few radio stations in Texas. A few of his tunes are really big overseas.

Another friend of mine, who is a right guy and is multi-talented, is Christopher Martin. He is the bass player for the SubDeacons and is a gifted song writer as well. He kindly gave me his band's CD as a gift and I really enjoy listening to it. A few of the tunes really hit home for me but which songs they were is only for me to know so go find your own deep

What is more, Christopher has played in Scotland and has toured my Clan's castle, Foulis, and has spoken with Hector Munro of Foulis, the Laird of the castle and Chief of the Mac an Rothaich ! That alone makes him jake in RedFalcon's book.

If you like good music you simply must give these guys a few minutes of your time. Visit the links and find out for yourself how good they truly are.