Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Kerry Wants The Approval Of These Guys?!?

After admitting to the CBC that Hamas is drawing paychecks from the United Nations, Peter Hansen, Commissioner-General of UNRWA, confesses "I don't see that as a crime".

This explains soooooooo much!

Namely, this explains how Palestinian terrorists have such easy access to United Nations vehicles to surreptitiously move their munitions and gunmen back and forth. More importantly, it explains why the UN seems so biased toward the Palestinian murderers.....because the men put in charge of UN projects see nothing wrong with what the terrorist organizations do. In essence, the UN not only turns a blind eye toward terrorism, but they actively provide aid in the killing of Isreali women and children.

I want to see this brought up at the next debate this Friday and I want to hear Senator Kerry justify his willingness to place this nation's interests in the hands of these people.

How can we expect help in the war on terror from the UN when the UN is already helping the terrorists?