Thursday, October 07, 2004

Mellencamp Cancels Concert In Pro-Bush Miami Beach

John Mellencamp has cancelled a Bush-bashing concert in Miami Beach. The concert was the product of MOVE ON PAC, natch. He reports that he will return after the elections and the hurricane season has passed the area by, but they are liberals so I automatically assume that they are lying.

It is reported that the cancellation was NOT due to suffering ticket sales. I'm assuming that what they really mean is that they couldn't sell enough tickets to justify the show and were therefore not going to play a venue there until this unreasonable wave of pro-Bush fervor had passed. If this is his way of punishing the pro-Bush areas....I say punish the whole country after the election when President Bush wins at the polls and retire.

I always thought that anybody tacky enough to wear muscle shirts when they had the physique of an eleven year old boy didn't deserve the celebrity that mellencamp enjoyed anyway. And his hair was always so beavis and butthead!