Monday, October 25, 2004

No Politics....For Now

I am so burned out on politics for now that I am imposing a gag order on myself for the time being. No political talk.

Instead i will be regaling my loyal readers with whatever sundry trivialties and minutiae might pop into my head as I type. I'm sure that this will be a fun and rewarding exercise.

So, what shall I write about???

OOH OOH I know!!

How many of you remember the breakfast cereal called Waffle-o's? with the crazy little prospector-looking character on the box called Waffl-o Bill...remember that???

When I was a kid....about 7 (right before the family moved to Texas), I would wake up on those wonderful sun-shiney summer mornings and walk to the market with a few dollars mom would give me and buy a box of Waffle-o's which had temporarily replaced Count Chocula as my fav morning repast. I remember collecting beer and pop bottles along the way so I could buy some Wacky Packages cards. These were all the rage then.

After stopping at the market I would turn right, cross what passed for a street and go to the dairy store for a glass bottle of milk and completely walk around the block til I got back home.

Waffle-o's gave me the needed energy to go out and do what 7 year old boys did in Michigan during the summer back in the late seventies....wade barefoot out in the creek and catch tadpoles, one-eyed frogs and crayfish! WEEE!

These, of course, were captured, promptly put in buckets and or mason jars...depending on the size of the creature...and kept as pets until dead. They were very temporary pets but at least they were free. I could not afford sea monkeys and bumblebees occasionally escaped and exacted swift revenge.

I also liked to take my glove and go across the yard to the back of the school where all of the neighborhood kids would go and play baseball. That was always a blast. Running around barefoot was the fashion back then....funny how broken glass and pickerbushes could be shaken off by a seven year old.

I had Darth Vader underoos and the best thing that could happen was to go "up North" for the weekend and go swimming in Lake Huron.

Remember waking up on those summer mornings and running around or riding bikes outside until supper?

I wouldn't let my son out of my sight now until he is 18! It is a great pity that he won't learn self reliance the way we did.

I remember when if a kid bullied you, you would punch him in the eye and no lawyers were called in on the action. The worst that would happen was mom would yell at you to be nice and when she left the room dad would give you a knowing wink and let you sip his beer. may sound silly to you but the monitor is getting kind of blurry. My vision sometimes gets blurry when I think of my childhood and remember that my little boy won't know a simple life like that. Sad.