Sunday, October 03, 2004

Palestinian Butts Are Getting Kicked This Weekend

Sharon promises an expanded offensive against the Palestinians until terrorist rocket attacks cease. The IDF seems to be smoking a lot of terrorist militiamen which can only be a good thing.

The terrorists don't care about their "countrymen" that they are hurting. It's good copy for western journalists and "humanitarian" (dictator appeasing) organizations when the IDF retaliates for the murder of their citizens. News organizations like to report how Isreali tanks and bulldozers knock down Palestinian schools and houses, they only mention the Isreali houses and schools that are destroyed in passing. They almost never mention the fact that the vast difference between the way the two sides go about it is that the Isreali Army knocks down evacuated buildings and targets terrorists; the muslims indescriminately murder innocents and target occupied buildings.

The UN is whining about Palestinian civilian casualties, real or imagined, as usual. No doubt they are too busy chauffering terrorist missiles around to do any fact checking. Anyway, they are keeping characteristically mum about Isreali civilian casualties. Who cares about the grisley deaths of a few measley JOOO children anyway....right Koffi?