Friday, October 01, 2004

President Too Easy On Kerry

Last night's Debate could have been a lot worse. It could have been a lot better as well.

The President took the high road because that's what kind of man he is, and it looks like it cost him a bit in the short run. Instead of calling Kerry out on numerous canards and conflicting statements, President Bush refrained and let it eat at him. I can't blame him for getting upset, nobody likes being called a liar, especially by an egregious one, but he should have pointed out everything Kerry said that was a contradiction. He didn't. The opportunity slipped through his fingers and it looks like Kerry squeeked through this time.

I'm not saying Kerry won the debate, I don't think he did. He was too mealy-mouthed. I'm just saying that the President failed to crush him like the lying worm that he is because the President was trying to show that he was above that and you just can't let a man BS the whole nation and not call him on it.

When Kerry said that Saddam WAS a threat and the world was better off without him, then turned around with the "Wrong war" meme. That was a missed opportunity. I would have hammered him there. Which resolution did Kerry feel Saddam would have eventually complied with....18....21.....30? Should we have refrained from enforcing even a thirtieth resolution? When would Kerry have committed to military force? And if he did, would he have woke up the next morning and decided to pull them out again like the flip-flopper he is?

Missed opportunity #2 was Kerry's saying that he didn't want to pull troops out of Iraq in 6 months. He almost immediately went on to say that IF his plan were followed, we could begin withdrawing troops in 6 months. Did anyone else catch this???

And why, if it's the wrong war in the wrong place and at the wrong time, and if our troops don't belong there, would the whole situation be made right by the inclusion of French or German troops? Am I the only one that feels this idea is silly?

When did American security become subject to global tests? We have to stick our finger in the air and see which way the wind is blowing before we protect ourselves? No thank you Mister Kerry.

I also would have asked the good Senator which "allies" he was planning on inviting into Iraq. France and Germany certainly made it clear that they had no intention of helping out there, regardless of who was in the oval office.

I also would have asked him why he thinks giving Iran any kind of nuclear assistance is a wise idea, considering there track record.

Why was Kerry allowed to skate on these things? That was a mistake and I hope the President is feeling his oats come next Friday.

President Bush didn't do badly himself. He did take a second or two collecting his thoughts before speaking. I'm sure that the left is thinking he was confused or some such rubbish. But I disagree. That's like saying Churchill was dull witted because he chose his words slowly. It's a childish thing to say and that's what the liberals are good at. My only problem was that he consistently chose not to be too hard on Kerry and in the end Kerry looked slicker.

I'm sure it will be different next week.