Friday, October 15, 2004

What Is Going On Here?

When I read this article, I was totally astounded. What is going on over in Iraq?

Soldiers have been short of necessary equipment in every war this country has been involved in, but the soldiers always performed their duty despite perceived risks because every soldier's duty is important in the grand scheme of things.

At least, they always have up until now. Apparently the soldiers who are awaiting the food and water and whatever else these Quartermaster Corps soldiers were charged with delivering to them will just have to go without until said Quartermaster troops feel safe enough to perform their jobs.

The world can thank God that the Quartermaster troops of the past did not sit down and refuse to deliver the necessities to our troops in the field;whether it was driving down Highway 1 in RVN, a fire break in the Ardennes Forest, a turnpike to Gettysburg or even a path of bloody footprints in Vally Forge before that.

I know that this is a rare occurance and that the preponderance of our soldiers are doing amazing things. I just can't believe what this one platoon did.....incredible!

I'm too upset to write anymore on the subject.