Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Where Is This Blog Going?

As you have all noticed by now, I have not been posting alot about things political. There is a reason for this. Since the election I have not felt the need to comment on political matters as, frankly, there are those sites out there that do it much more abley and intelligently than I.

I never really did get into the nuts and bolts of the issues anyway. I really only stated my humble opinion and provided the reasoning behind my stance as best I could. Now that the election has been relegated to antiquity and issues are more or less on simmer, I find myself worrying over what I should post. This wasn't an issue before I had readers, but now I have all of you friends to consider....what can I post that would interest you? What can I post that would make your visit to my site rewarding?

I would actually like some input from you all. Do I continue with the musings? Is there some other alternative to just politics that I have not considered?

I will still comment on news items that catch my attention, but it probably will not be a daily feature of this site. So unless I get some ideas (pretty please?), I will continue with the fluff and anecdotes.

Or maybe I should start posting short stories??? LMAO

Monday, November 29, 2004

Nothing Says Christmas Like A.....

Che T-shirt.

That's right, retailers are making money hand-over-fist selling likenesses of the bloody-handed marxist revolutionary to American youths who either have not the first clue as to who he is or don't care.

Neither conclusion would much surprise me.

I'm sure the late communist leader is throwing sparks from all of the turning over he's doing in his jungle grave what with capitalists like Burlington Coat Factory making all that scratch selling his face on t-shirts for babies. What's next, a Che piggy bank to keep all of your evil capitalist coins in? Maybe they will have their Joseph Mengele edition scrubs in by next spring so the kids can have some jammies with flare.

Why does none of this surprise me????

By the way. Have any of you seen any kids walking around in thses shirts where you live? Just wondering.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.....Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I earnestly hope that you all enjoy yourselves immensely in the warm company of family and congenial companions. We have more than our share to be thankful for.

We have snow blanketing the ground in my little corner of the Wolverine State. Oddly enough, I have just heard the loudest peal of thunder. That is the first time I have ever heard it thunder during a snowfall. Weird!

Ronnie wants desperately to go out in the snow, but he is running a 103 temperature so no dice.
I pray he is feeling better tomorrow.

I can taste that dressing now.....that has always been my favorite part of the meal. How 'bout you? I can't wait.

Say a prayer for our troops overseas. I know Uncle Sam will give them a first rate feed but it is awful hard to be away from the comfort of family during the holidays. Alot of what we are thankful for is a direct result of their service. You might say that they are the founders of the feast.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fighting The Good Fight

Sherry over at Bittersweet Me has a great post about a group that is looking for help in taking the sting out of the ACLU. STOP THE ACLU is looking for as many Americans as possible to help them by signing petitions, organizing marches on local ACLU headquarters, etc. The bad guys do it, why can't we? Is a morally straight America for our children not worth getting off our duffs and making some noise about?

Monday, November 22, 2004

Home Is The Hunter...

Well now, where do I begin?

Had a swell time communing with nature. Didn't see a buck. Squirrels? You betcha...the noisy buggars. Coyotes? Had 'em in spades....these also are damned annoying when they insist on encircling your blind and howling all day. Distant rifleshots from all points of the compass? Yes, had plenty of those as well. That must be why no deer penetrated in to where my blind was.

I did see the hugest darned black bear that I ever thought would be found in this part of the state. Of course he was in a cage at the party store down the highway from the national forest. The expression on the bear's face rather reminded me of Queen Victoria when she said "We are not amused." My brother and I are planning on springing him next year when we go back up there. We would have done it this year but we had neither bolt cutters nor a cage of our own to hop into once the bear was free. I can just imagine myself flinging the gate open for the bear and yelling "Be free" about a split second before it commenced mauling my head and shoulders in that cute way that only cuddly black bears can.

We stayed in a camper which was comfortable enough. It must have been a real panic when it first premiered at civic centers across America back in 1960. It DID have a toilet. But there is no running water in the middle of the wilderness so it was the old shovel and roll of toilet paper out in the rain. Of course there was no electricity either so we staggered around by the light of a coleman lantern until we got a fire started with our wet, soggy wood. With the exception of our having a fire at night and our sleeping in a camper instead of a muddy hole, it was kinda like a field problem. Ah, the good ol' days!

My brother brought up venison steak from a buck he dropped during bow season so we ate pretty well. He doused a griddle with extra virgin olive oil and sliced up a few potatos and a sweet onion and saute'ed those. Then he sliced up the steak and floured it, seasoned it and threw it in with the other stuff. After browning this stuff for a while he added a little beer and water to the mix and covered it. We set water to boil for coffee and dished out the chow which was promptly covered with Tobasco. Good stuff.

After supper, it was too dark to do anything but go to sleep so we policed up the AO, secured our stuff and went in out of the sporadic drizzle. The temperature had really dropped by then and here is where I mention that there is no heat in this camper. I deliberately chose to sleep in the little cubby hole above the table and seats at the front of the camper because it was a small, confined space and would stay warmer from my body heat. And I did stay warm all night....due to the exercise I was getting from climbing up and down during my 15 nocturnal potty trips. By morning, it felt like I had navigated the Darby Queen at Ft. Benning. My back has since filed a restraining order against me.

An hour before dawn we went out and brewed up coffee, choked down a few cigarettes and then trudged off to our blinds. Two hours after stand-to we are trudging back into camp. We fry up hash browns and corned beef hash, lube it with copious amounts of Tobasco and wash it down with liberal amounts of coffee. My intestines have since filed a restraining order against me.

This is a nutshell account of my weekend. Now you know why I love this stuff. All of you hunters and campers can relate. When I am a famous author, I'm gonna be doing that all the time. Hemingway eat your heart out!

Friday, November 19, 2004

Going On Safari

I will not be posting this weekend as I will be traveling up to Northern Michigan and living in the wilderness, seeking the wild stag in it's lair and subsisting on a strict diet of pogie bait. My nose will run profusely, my feet will become numbed from the cold and will lose all feeling, and worse yet, my java will most probably be of the freeze dried variety. And I will enjoy myself capitally.

Should I fail to bag a buck, I will at the least bring back a bag of beef jerkey; though that would not look as appetising on Momma's good dishes.

To tide you over until my victorious return, I leave you with the writings of Robert Benchley, who is by far a greater wit than ever I could hope to be. Read. Laugh. Think.

I bid you adieu and an enjoyable weekend.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Things I Like

I like toast.

Butter makes it better.

Sometimes I like grape jelly on my toast.

On Sundays I take my toast with crunchy peanut butter.

Toast is go-o-o-o-o-od.

Monday, November 15, 2004

President Cleans House

As everyone knows, President Bush (I just love saying that) has been busy cleaning house lately. Now Colin Powell has stepped down as Secretary of State. It looks like Condi Rice will be assuming that position and I am glad to hear it. I admired Powell as a soldier but he just seemed uncharacteristically out of sync as the Mayor of Foggy Bottom. Sometimes I would listen to him on the news and just shake my head in disbelief. What could the man be thinking???

I guess I'll never know the real reason why, but I am happy with the President's replacement. Rice will make a fine Secretary of State.

I do regret Ashcroft's resignation, as I think he was a fine person for the post he held. But I can also understand the President's decision to replace him. A large chunk of the populace distrust a Christian in that position and the President has to make concessions if he wants the co-operation necessary to win this war on the homefront.

All in all, I think that this second term is going to run a bit smoother than the first.....no matter how partisan and stubborn the left gets.

Keillor Jests Christians Shouldn't Be Allowed To Vote

Radio's most lethargic funnyman, Garrison Keillor, announced that "Born Again" Christians should not be allowed to vote. After complaining that, like a good liberal, he had spent the day after the election pouting in seclusion, Keillor commented that he was chairman of a movement to disallow christians from voting because they were actually citizens of Heavan and therefore were should not be allowed to cast votes as Americans. He then asked if christians could vote, why not Canadians?

I guess all of this concern about disenfranchisement was really a partisan concern. It apparently is only wrong to disenfranchise the voters who belong to groups that would potentially vote Democrat. If a group votes overwhelmingly Republican, then by all means, find a way to silence their political voice.

The left never fails to live up to it's twisted reputation.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Saturday Evening Minutiae

Today has been even more uneventful than is the norm for the Falcon's Nest. All's quiet on the home front.

The most physically taxing thing I've done today was to go down into the basement and re-light the pilot on the furnace....WEE! This type of activity is mundane enough and would not normally merit mention except for two reasons. The first reason is probably the more readily appreciated by the majority of you; I really am hurting for something to yak about and have determined upon this bit of banal fluff as the subject matter. The second reason is less appreciable, except by those of you who, like myself, are cursed with this affliction; our basement is a half-basement (which to my mind is an utterly ridiculous invention) and I am 6'1". Now you take a six foot tall man with herniated disks and ask him to maneuver the entire length of a half-basement in order to fiddle with a tempermental old furnace and you have the makings of a real grumpy man.

Add to that the fact that I, to my eternal shame, am slightly arachnaphobic. Now picture in your own mind the image of a guy with a bum back altering the laws of physics by squeezing his stature through a space just a tad over half of that, all the while inventing on the fly a one-man tactical formation for movement through spider city and you might justly indulge in a hearty snicker at the expense of your humble author. I can assure you though that for me it was true toil.

But the house is now toasty warm and is an adequate defense against a cold November Michigan night.

Now I am nestled up to a hot cup of joe, a smoldering lucky and a good old horse opry on the computer's audio player.The Boy and the Bride are warm.

I can now sit here and quietly absorb the memories that will serve as a source of comfort to me when I am an old man. A bright warm house in the middle of a cold dark world; a little boy on the carpet playing with his toy train set. Every track laid with care. In the immediate vicinity of this toy train there are no bills to be paid or bodily aches to be born. There is no Fallujah; nor is there a Middle East. There are no daily cares of adult reality to wrinkle the brow of a small child with a toy train. There are only tracks to keep connected and blocks to knock down. I can warm myself in these moments. I am quieted by these thoughts.

Like the man said....God is in his Heavan, all's right with the world.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

For everyone who has worn his or her country's uniform, whether in peace or war....

World War One era.

World War Two era.

Korean War/Cold War era.

Viet Nam War/Cold War era.

Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm era.

War On Terror.

Thank you so much for doing what you did...so that others would not have to.
Have a Happy Veteran's Day!

Ding Dong - The Ass Is Dead!

I just finished doing a happy little dance after reading news of this. The bubbly shall be flowing later today as the household celebrates a double holiday. How fitting that Arafat should move on to his just reward of damnation as we pause to remember those who risk all for our nation.

As a new generation of veterans is tempered in the fire of Fallujah, fighting to rid the world of terrorism; one of the world's most infamous and bloody-handed terrorists joins ranks with Hitler and Stalin in the pantheon of dead psychotic leaders.

If there must be killing in the scrimmage for power that "Palestine" is sure to witness, try and look at the bright side...every Palestinian who gets greased by another Palestinian is one less suicide bomber that will kill Isrealis. This alone is reason for celebration.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Listening Fun

Guy S of the one and only Snugg Harbor introduced me to the pleasures of WinAmp yesterday evening and we IM'd snarky comments to each other as we each watched "Attack Of The Giant Gila Monster" which, though cheesy enough to merit the snarky comments, is a classic in it's own right. It was a little like watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000, only we were making the funny gibes.

I discovered another use for WinAmp, however. I have spent an enjoyable few hours listening to some old radio programs. Does anyone remember that Jack Webb's Dragnet was first broadcast on radio from Los Angeles on NBC in 1948? How about Fibber McGee and Molly? Anybody remember Fibber's cluttered-up closet? Or maybe you'll remember William Bendix in "The Life Of Riley" with the friendly undertaker Digger O'Dell?

If you've never listened to these classic programs, or any of the zillions of others, you would be well advised to try some out. They are very entertaining And you aren't stuck with your can planted in front of a television. You can move around and get things done.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Most Evil Beings In The World

What do The sacking of Rome, The fall of Saigon and Yoko Ono becoming a household name all have in common?


They are wicked, vile creatures. They should be shunned by mankind entirely and poked with a sharp stick whenever they are discovered skulking around outside your home.

They are found in every ancient religion and are described as the exact polar opposite of Good. The Aztecs called him SOKO-MOHNKAY and untold gallons of blood were spilled to placate him.

The Babylonians had a name for him, but it would require a cleft palate to properly pronounce it. Suffice it to say that it's English translation meant "Richard Simmons" and it was also described as the "Eater of Souls".

Sockmonkeys are at the head of every secret society. Free Masons have all heard of the "Scottish Rite"...few have ever heard of what lay beyond that mysterious incantation..."The SockMonkey's Creed". 15 faithful men have died in bringing me this shocking information so that I may share it with the world. So that you ALL may know the truth.

These insidious and perfidious beings are consummed with one thought....to enslave the human race and breed us like cattle to feed their ravenous appetites.

They have tried many ways to keep us dummed down and subservient. Usually by way of addiction. Gambling, alcohol and narcotics, the Rubick's Cube and Gameboy. These have all been tried with a modicum of success. By far their most fruitful endeavor was the Jerry Springer Show. This still nets huge returns.... but the Sockmonkey overlords find the souls aquired in this way to be low-quality and flavorless. They are constantly looking for ways to reap their crop of Human souls.

So, my friends.....beware. They are everywhere and they are watching!


Saturday, November 06, 2004

Left Wing Whackos....Spoiled Brats Of The Political Scene

Apparently most Americans do not hold celebrities up as paragons of social truth. This story covers it all pretty succinctly.

I must admit that when I was advised by a recording of Sean Combs to "Vote or die", I was left not as much with a strong conviction that I must vote for Kerry as I was with a profound desire to know exactly what he meant by saying "vote or die. It seemed a ludicrous thing to say. Of course he wanted to say vote for Kerry or die but he wouldn't be able to get away with that until after the revolution.

Now there is surprise that Americans did not heed the advice of celebrities. I imagine a child-like reverence for actors, musicians network talking-heads and sports stars was supposed to replace reflection and analysis of the issues. Only a childish intellect could assume such rubbish.

Now lefties are threatening, and I'm sure some are doing more than threatening, to leave the country because of the results of the election. Again, like a child pouting and leaving the game because things are not going it's way. Are they really confused as to why most Americans do not take them seriously?

GOP headquarters all over the country are vandalized and broken in to....some actually invaded by liberals. Incredible rhetoric is spouted from celebrities, some celebrities actually engage in x-rated humor using the President's name; something I've not witnessed since elementary school. Books and films criticizing Kerry are banned. The news media bend over backwards to expose the President to what ever they can find; anything at all. While Kerry gets a pass. And now the liberals threaten to leave the country because they are not happy with the results.

These things are the actions of a child that wants it's way or else. They are not interested in the machine functioning properly. They only want a satisfactory result, regardless of the means employed but would be the first to start raising dust if anything unseemly were to be done by the right. How can they possibly expect the majority of voting Americans to take them seriously when they act like children?

President Bush was re-elected by a majority of the voting American public. If you don't like it...please take your ball and leave. I understand Canada has a beautiful winter season.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Arafat In A Coma?

WorldNet Daily asks if Yassir Arafat is in a coma and I must admit that I am more than a little curious as to his present condition myself.

Surely his place at Satan's dinner table is being prepared and when this bloody-handed monster finally does achieve his mortal obligation, he'll probably best be remembered by many as the only Palestinian to die outside of Palestine without taking a busload of innocent people with him.

Arafat.....I hope the last thing you see on this Earth before you go to smoke a turd in Hell is an old Jerry Lewis movie dubbed in French!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

That's PRESIDENT Bush, Thank You

Apparently hard work pays off...Just ask the man who garnered more votes than Clinton did in either of his elections.

Let's see......Daschle gone. Edwards gone. Kerry gone. Any last vestige of Moonbat sanity....gone.

One could almost imagine what the disturbance in the Force felt like to Obi Wan when Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star when, last night, the collective minds of the liberal left shattered after the news that President Bush had carried Ohio.

But those of us in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy are not surprised with the result, we got the Haliburton/Illuminati memo the day before. What was surprising however was the bonus of gaining seats in the House and the Senate.

And for all of you citizens of the world out there (listen up Guardian.), did you REALLY think that you were going to horn in and dictate how Americans choose their leaders???? We are not France or Spain. We will not be intimidated into submission, that is European history not ours! You can envy us and hate us....but you will never dictate terms to us. We are great because we do not think like you. We choose leaders who will jealously defend OUR interests, not betray them in order to placate foreign countries. I hope you feel as low as you have acted.

For all of you Bush-haters out there...don't go getting all despondant and fall out of a window, I would lose a half of a second of sleep if you did.

All in all, a pretty good day for America. The only thing that could top it off would be if Bill Kristol from Fox news could find it in himself to admit that it is looking good for Bush at this point.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Okay, One more....

...pic that was too hilarious not to post. This one I found over at U.S. Paratoopers.org.

I Couldn't Help Myself....

....but this is too funny not to post.

How true. How true.

Tomorrow's The Big Day!!!!

I am busily deciding what I should wear for the occasion tomorrow. It's too cold for a straw hat so I should go with the grey felt. That means I should wear the navy blue overcoat. Pity, I was hoping to break in the light brown camelhair! This of course means that the brown wingtips go back in the closet and the black and white wingtips need to be polished! So many things to do!

I know all of you are just as excited about tomorrow. If you are not, then you should be. This is what being an American citizen is all about; choosing a person who will best represent our interests in government. This is what all other rights boil down to and what a Federal Republic can not function properly without. It is our chance to point our fingers at a person and say "You are IT! Make it good!"

If, by some remarkable fluke, you are not yet decided whom you will vote for, stay home tomorrow and play with a toaster in the tub for you are obviously too lazy to inform yourself and you apparently lack any conviction or principle. For the rest of us, Right and Left, get out there tomorrow and do what Americans do best. Whether Liberal or Conservative, if you are going out and take your rightful hand in the conduct of this nation, investing in America's future tomorrow based on your ideals and conscience; I applaude and thank you.

Just remember to comb your hair and get those pearly whites a'gleaming. Ladies, wear your smartest dresses and all of you fellows try to look respectable. Tomorrow we celebrate the American way and the whole world is watching you.