Monday, November 15, 2004

Keillor Jests Christians Shouldn't Be Allowed To Vote

Radio's most lethargic funnyman, Garrison Keillor, announced that "Born Again" Christians should not be allowed to vote. After complaining that, like a good liberal, he had spent the day after the election pouting in seclusion, Keillor commented that he was chairman of a movement to disallow christians from voting because they were actually citizens of Heavan and therefore were should not be allowed to cast votes as Americans. He then asked if christians could vote, why not Canadians?

I guess all of this concern about disenfranchisement was really a partisan concern. It apparently is only wrong to disenfranchise the voters who belong to groups that would potentially vote Democrat. If a group votes overwhelmingly Republican, then by all means, find a way to silence their political voice.

The left never fails to live up to it's twisted reputation.