Saturday, November 06, 2004

Left Wing Whackos....Spoiled Brats Of The Political Scene

Apparently most Americans do not hold celebrities up as paragons of social truth. This story covers it all pretty succinctly.

I must admit that when I was advised by a recording of Sean Combs to "Vote or die", I was left not as much with a strong conviction that I must vote for Kerry as I was with a profound desire to know exactly what he meant by saying "vote or die. It seemed a ludicrous thing to say. Of course he wanted to say vote for Kerry or die but he wouldn't be able to get away with that until after the revolution.

Now there is surprise that Americans did not heed the advice of celebrities. I imagine a child-like reverence for actors, musicians network talking-heads and sports stars was supposed to replace reflection and analysis of the issues. Only a childish intellect could assume such rubbish.

Now lefties are threatening, and I'm sure some are doing more than threatening, to leave the country because of the results of the election. Again, like a child pouting and leaving the game because things are not going it's way. Are they really confused as to why most Americans do not take them seriously?

GOP headquarters all over the country are vandalized and broken in to....some actually invaded by liberals. Incredible rhetoric is spouted from celebrities, some celebrities actually engage in x-rated humor using the President's name; something I've not witnessed since elementary school. Books and films criticizing Kerry are banned. The news media bend over backwards to expose the President to what ever they can find; anything at all. While Kerry gets a pass. And now the liberals threaten to leave the country because they are not happy with the results.

These things are the actions of a child that wants it's way or else. They are not interested in the machine functioning properly. They only want a satisfactory result, regardless of the means employed but would be the first to start raising dust if anything unseemly were to be done by the right. How can they possibly expect the majority of voting Americans to take them seriously when they act like children?

President Bush was re-elected by a majority of the voting American public. If you don't like it...please take your ball and leave. I understand Canada has a beautiful winter season.