Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Listening Fun

Guy S of the one and only Snugg Harbor introduced me to the pleasures of WinAmp yesterday evening and we IM'd snarky comments to each other as we each watched "Attack Of The Giant Gila Monster" which, though cheesy enough to merit the snarky comments, is a classic in it's own right. It was a little like watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000, only we were making the funny gibes.

I discovered another use for WinAmp, however. I have spent an enjoyable few hours listening to some old radio programs. Does anyone remember that Jack Webb's Dragnet was first broadcast on radio from Los Angeles on NBC in 1948? How about Fibber McGee and Molly? Anybody remember Fibber's cluttered-up closet? Or maybe you'll remember William Bendix in "The Life Of Riley" with the friendly undertaker Digger O'Dell?

If you've never listened to these classic programs, or any of the zillions of others, you would be well advised to try some out. They are very entertaining And you aren't stuck with your can planted in front of a television. You can move around and get things done.