Sunday, November 07, 2004

The Most Evil Beings In The World

What do The sacking of Rome, The fall of Saigon and Yoko Ono becoming a household name all have in common?


They are wicked, vile creatures. They should be shunned by mankind entirely and poked with a sharp stick whenever they are discovered skulking around outside your home.

They are found in every ancient religion and are described as the exact polar opposite of Good. The Aztecs called him SOKO-MOHNKAY and untold gallons of blood were spilled to placate him.

The Babylonians had a name for him, but it would require a cleft palate to properly pronounce it. Suffice it to say that it's English translation meant "Richard Simmons" and it was also described as the "Eater of Souls".

Sockmonkeys are at the head of every secret society. Free Masons have all heard of the "Scottish Rite"...few have ever heard of what lay beyond that mysterious incantation..."The SockMonkey's Creed". 15 faithful men have died in bringing me this shocking information so that I may share it with the world. So that you ALL may know the truth.

These insidious and perfidious beings are consummed with one enslave the human race and breed us like cattle to feed their ravenous appetites.

They have tried many ways to keep us dummed down and subservient. Usually by way of addiction. Gambling, alcohol and narcotics, the Rubick's Cube and Gameboy. These have all been tried with a modicum of success. By far their most fruitful endeavor was the Jerry Springer Show. This still nets huge returns.... but the Sockmonkey overlords find the souls aquired in this way to be low-quality and flavorless. They are constantly looking for ways to reap their crop of Human souls.

So, my friends.....beware. They are everywhere and they are watching!