Monday, November 29, 2004

Nothing Says Christmas Like A.....

Che T-shirt.

That's right, retailers are making money hand-over-fist selling likenesses of the bloody-handed marxist revolutionary to American youths who either have not the first clue as to who he is or don't care.

Neither conclusion would much surprise me.

I'm sure the late communist leader is throwing sparks from all of the turning over he's doing in his jungle grave what with capitalists like Burlington Coat Factory making all that scratch selling his face on t-shirts for babies. What's next, a Che piggy bank to keep all of your evil capitalist coins in? Maybe they will have their Joseph Mengele edition scrubs in by next spring so the kids can have some jammies with flare.

Why does none of this surprise me????

By the way. Have any of you seen any kids walking around in thses shirts where you live? Just wondering.