Monday, November 15, 2004

President Cleans House

As everyone knows, President Bush (I just love saying that) has been busy cleaning house lately. Now Colin Powell has stepped down as Secretary of State. It looks like Condi Rice will be assuming that position and I am glad to hear it. I admired Powell as a soldier but he just seemed uncharacteristically out of sync as the Mayor of Foggy Bottom. Sometimes I would listen to him on the news and just shake my head in disbelief. What could the man be thinking???

I guess I'll never know the real reason why, but I am happy with the President's replacement. Rice will make a fine Secretary of State.

I do regret Ashcroft's resignation, as I think he was a fine person for the post he held. But I can also understand the President's decision to replace him. A large chunk of the populace distrust a Christian in that position and the President has to make concessions if he wants the co-operation necessary to win this war on the homefront.

All in all, I think that this second term is going to run a bit smoother than the matter how partisan and stubborn the left gets.